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FLORIDA DIGEST - June 13, 2008

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-School Board Considers Selling WLRN
Selling Public Radio, TV Station Could Help Make Up $284 Million ProjectedWindfall
In an effort to help make up for a projected $284 million shortfall inMiami-Dade County's school budget, school board members are consideringselling the broadcast spectrum that is WLRN, the county's public radio andtelevision stations. With $136 million from the school budget already cut,the school board has been struggling to come up with a way to trim theremaining $148 million for the upcoming fiscal year. Licensed to Miami-DadeCounty Public Schools, WLRN TV-17 and WLRN 98.3 FM reaches an audience fromWest Palm Beach to Key West.

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-South Floridians help form gay equality caucus in Congress
Wasserman Shultz joins as a co-leader
U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, is one of the leaders of thenewly formed House LGBT Equality Caucus. Wasserman Schultz, who said"lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Americans are awash in a sea ofinequality," is one of the new caucus' vice chairs.,0,6143454.story

-We'd better get used to expensive oil, analysts say
While consumers and governments struggle with steep oil prices, one of thebiggest questions looming over the global economy is this: Will costs evercome down? Unlike the energy crisis of the 1970s, when the world assumed thespike was temporary, high energy prices could be here to stay, according tooil experts.,0,2266273.story

-South Florida leads the state in prescription drug deaths
FDLE report finds S. Florida leads state
Prescription drug overdose deaths skyrocketed in South Florida last year,surpassing increases in the state overall. The Florida Department of LawEnforcement released on Thursday its yearly drug report outlining cases ofpeople who died with drugs in their system. The state saw sharp increases innearly every category of drug-related death, with the exception of heroinand cocaine.,0,247534.story

-Analyst paints rosy picture for S. Fla. real estate agents
Home prices in South Florida "easily" could be 20 percent to 30 percenthigher by 2013, the chief economist for the National Association of Realtorssaid Thursday.,0,1841150.story

Miami Herald
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-Water wars -- South Florida style
On its face, the Environmental Protection Agency's announcement this weekthat the South Florida Water Management District's back-pumping of pollutedwater into Lake Okeechobee doesn't require a federal permit seems to be theopposite of what the EPA is supposed to do: Protect our water resources. After all, a federal judge in Miami ruled last year that under the CleanWater Act the district had to seek federal permits from the EPA before itcould move polluted water into the lake.

Express Gay News
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-Green Gay Warriors
A winning day for the beach and its residents
Saturday, June 12, the Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach (ECOMB) ishosting "The Big Sweep, " a beach clean-up competition designed to reducelitter along Miami-Dade's garbage-laden beaches. From 8am-2pm, volunteerswill target the section between South Pointe and 14th Street Beach,collecting the rubbish strewn along South Beach's most heavily populatedstrip.

-Top Dems come out against Amendment 2
Florida Red and Blue, the political action committee organized to fight theso-called marriage protection amendment, announced two major endorsements bytop Democrats, Sen. Barack Obama and Alex Sink, Florida Chief FinancialOfficer.

-Gay Prom Goes Green
Pridelines Youth Services hosts its 13th Annual Youth Prom June 13, a funand safe space for gay youth ages 13 to 20 to party and celebrate the end ofthe school year.

-Gay judge gets a Daytime Emmy nod
Miami native Judge David Young celebrates a year of compassionate justiceNow it's Judge David Young's turn to await a verdict--from Emmy voters. It'sbeen just over a year since the first openly gay judge on daytime televisionstepped off the bench of Miami-Dade Circuit Court to preside over hiscourtroom TV show, and he's celebrating his first anniversary on camera instyle with a Daytime Emmy nomination. "Judge David Young" is nominated for"Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program," but through all the excitement, a fewthings remain consistent: Judge Young's courtroom philosophy ofcompassionate justice, his desire to save the world, and his 13-yearsrelationship with his partner, Judge Scott Bernstein. Judge Young was "bornand raised in Miami," and it's where he and Scott still call home, alongwith their "four-legged child," a dog named Maggie.

-Local Artists Exhibit Pride
United & Proud Opens at Broward Co. Library
ArtsUnited, the local organization dedicated to promoting LGBT artists,opened its annual United & Proud 2008 exhibit last week at Gallery 6 in theBroward County Main Library, 100 S. Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. According to organizers, entries were not limited to a theme; instead theexhibition was designed to showcase local gay and lesbian artists during thetraditional Pride month. Works include photography, painting, 3-D/mixedmedia and drawing/print. United & Proud 2008 shares the gallery with theStonewall Library and Archives new exhibit, "Out of the Shadows: Gay Americafrom Kinsey to Stonewall" and will remain on view through June 27. For moreinformation, go to

-Take a stroll down memory lane (or, if you're a youngster learn somethingnew) reminiscing about Fort Lauderdale's gay history, at a meet & greet for"Greetings from the Gayborhood," written by Donald Reuter. "Gayborhood" isa nostalgic look at gay neighborhoods across the U.S., with Fort Lauderdaleplaying a major role in the tales; Reuter will be on hand to sign books andanswer questions. Sunday, June 15, at George's Alibi, 4:00 p.m., 2266Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors. 954-565-2526. LMC Interfaith Ministries, a newaffirming congregation under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Lori Cardona, hasbegun meeting on the third Sunday of each month at the Atlantic Insitute ofOriental Medicine, 100 E. Broward Blvd., second floor, in Fort Lauderdale. The next service will be held on Sunday, June 15 at 10 a.m. For moreinformation, contact

-The Miami Gay Men's Chorus salutes the men and women of the armed serviceswith "By the Sword," June 13-15 at the Colony Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Road inMiami Beach. The musical program will address all of our nation's conflicts,as well as the soldiers from the LGBT community who have served theircountry. In these shows, chorus members occasionally jump off the risersand dance around, with some jazz-hands-infused choreography, proving onceagain that when they say "gay men's chorus," they really really mean it. "Above the fruited plain," indeed! For more information or tickets, go

-The Fort Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus presents "Rockin'with the Rhythm,"June 21-22 at the Amaturo Theatre at the Broward Center. Artistic DirectorTodd Wiley promises an entertaining program with hits covering five decades.
For tickets, go to or call 954-462-0222.

-Melissa Etheridge takes the stage at Boca Raton's Mizner Park Amphitheatreon June 17 when her Revival Tour 2008 stops in South Florida. This is not tobe confused with the True Colors tour, as she is apparently notparticipating in that for some unbeknownst reason. Tickets are available or at the Mizner Park box office on the day ofshow.

-City Theatre's Summer Shorts Festival continues at Miami's Arsht Center forthe Performing Arts through June 22 before heading to Fort Lauderdale'sBroward Center, June 26-29. For the adult crowd, "UnderShorts," amini-series of plays for mature audiences (nudity and profanity) begins thisThursday, June 18. Be sure to catch UnderShorts in Miami because this newseries isn't making the trip to Broward. For more information or tickets, goto or call 305-365-5400.

Mark's List : A Guide to Your Weekend, Movies, Nightclubs and MORE DisneyPhotos!

Fort Report
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-A new tiff on Florida delegates
Party unity is on the agenda at the Florida Democrats' Jefferson-Jackson weekend. But first, before celebrating Barack Obama, they'll engage in alittle ritual bloodletting. The Obama campaign wants a new selection ofsome delegates to August's convention in Denver to reward supporters.,0,5961595.story?track=rss

-Florida's budget falls far short of praise
Gov. Charlie Crist didn't excise much from the 2008-09 state budget when hequietly signed it Wednesday. And he tried to put a happy face on thespending plan, praising it for being "balanced" and funding the state's"critical needs."

-Teachers union shuns Bogdanoff, endorses challenger
The Broward Teachers Union, which supported state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff,R-Fort Lauderdale, in her 2006 campaign against Democrat Chris Chiari, isendorsing the challenger in this year's rematch.

-Gov says he's blessed to have Carole
Buzz noticed that Gov. Charlie Crist gave a very public nod to hisgirlfriend Carole Rome, which might just be a first for the governor, atleast in a public speech. "Lt. Gov. (Jeff) Kottkamp and I are lucky guys. You're blessed with Cindy and I'm blessed with Carole, and that's a specialthing," Crist said during his speech at a Republican Party of Floridafundraiser on Thursday night.

-Column: As long as they don't cut football...
Here's my Thursday column. Each time I've written about Florida'suniversities in the past I've gotten a certain bit of reaction along thelines of, you know, them whiny liberal pointy-heads, good riddance,universities are bloated piles of nonsense, etc., etc. It's sometimesdiscouraging, but American society has always had a strong "know-nothing"streak in it, sneering at the importance of inquiry. We are pretty damnedsure of ourselves. I do think there is something especially off aboutFlorida. I've lived here 26 years, and never cease to marvel at the contrastwith my native North Carolina, where the much-praised state universitysystem was a revered institution.

-Will new law bring down price of textbooks?
The University of Florida has had little luck getting professors to provideadvance notice of the textbooks being used in their courses. Now they havea state law to force the issue, but some professors and textbook storeowners say the effort fails to address the problem of skyrocketing textbookprices.

Stonewall Library & Archives invites you:
Monday, June 16
Broward Main Library auditorium - 7p.m.
Chaired by John Coppola, curator of Out of the Shadows: Gay America fromKinsey to Stonewall
-William Mann, author of "Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped
Hollywood 1910-1969" and "Wisecracker: The Life and Times of William Haines"
- Professor Fred Fejes, FAU, author of "Lesbians and Gay Men and thePolitics of Minority Identity"
- Dan Reuter author of "Greetings from the Gayborhood: A Nostalgic Look atGay Neighborhoods"
Also, Dan Reuter will be signing copies of his new book, "Greetings from theGayborhood: A Nostalgic Look at Gay Neighborhoods" at Georgies Alibi inWilton Manors on Sunday, June 15, from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. A portion of theproceeds from books sold during the signing will be donated to Stonewall.

FILM SERIES Broward Main Library auditorium

June 18 7:00 pm
"Desert Hearts"

June 25 7:00 pm
"Brother Outside: The Life of Bayard Rustin"
"Out of the Closet, Off the Screen: The William Haines Story"

This exhibition and its related programs were organized by Stonewall Library& Archives as part of its mission to collect, preserve and disseminatematerials related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender culture. Muchof the material featured in this exhibition was drawn from the StonewallLibrary & Archives collection. Generous support for this project wasprovided by Comcast, Pride South Florida, and the Stonewall Library &Archives staff and volunteers. The exhibition and its programs arecosponsored by the Broward County Library. Funding for this organization isprovided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners asrecommended by the Broward Cultural Council. For further information aboutthe exhibition, please contact:
Jack Rutland, Executive Director
Stonewall Library & Archives


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