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FLORIDA DIGEST - June 14, 2008

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-Obama campaign begins massive Florida mobilization this weekend
They're coming from all over the country, lured by their faith in BarackObama, to spend a weekend in Tamarac, then six weeks bringing the Obamamessage to Floridians. It's part of a massive mobilization of volunteersfor Obama's campaign throughout the nation. The 3,600 volunteers - thecampaign calls them "fellows" - include 400 in the key battleground state ofFlorida.,0,7601364.story

-Troubled group home in Lauderhill shuts down abruptly
A Lauderhill group home for troubled teenage boys abruptly shut down Fridayafternoon, just three weeks after a court-appointed investigator concludedthat the residents faced "insurmountable safety concerns." Impact CommunityServices closed its group home with less than three hours warning, leavingblindsided child welfare officials scrambling to find spots in the fostercare system for the eight boys at the facility.,0,4215293.story

Miami Herald
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-Senate Bill 1706 invites so much mischief from South Florida countycommissions that it makes one's head spin. Representing itself as a growthmanagement bill, SB 1706 instead has two noxious provisions that wouldundermine local and state oversight of large developments. One provisionwould allow counties with more than 1.25 million residents to exempt landfrom the Development of Regional Impact process. Only three countiesqualify -- Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. With this provision the threecounty commissions could by a simple resolution open up sites to massiveprojects without either state approval or regional planning councilscrutiny. State law deems DRIs to be so large that they have substantialimpact on the health, safety and welfare of residents in more than onecounty, according to the Florida League of Counties, which opposes thisbill. Under the exemption, a DRI could get the green light without firstsubmitting traffic-impact studies, an evaluation of hurricane evacuationtimes, etc.

-SEVEN MILE BRIDGE: State bans fishing on old Seven Mile Bridge
While the old Seven Mile Bridge renovation project has been stalled for sixyears, the steel structure keeps deteriorating and is now deemed unsafe forfishing.

Sol Theatre Project
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Ft. Lauderdale: Sol Theatre Project
Award winning play - Today (Sat.) & Monday
WHY WE HAVE A BODY by Claire Chafee
...reinvent what it means to be a woman...
Lili is a lesbian and private investigator specializing in divorce cases.
Renee, an effervescent paleontologist is recently separated from herhusband, and forms a relationship with Lili. Mary, Lili's sister, is awistful drifter who robs convenience stores, tends towards psychosis, andhas a Joan of Arc complex. Eleanor, Lili and Mary's mother, lectures andconjectures about the female brain while exploring jungle relics, and herown past, in far away lands. These four women desperately try to unearththe lives they want to lead, instead of the ones they feel forced to live.
Each woman forges a unique path, attempting to understand her past, whilewrestling with the possibilities of her future.
For reservations email:
Box Office: 954-801-9207
Sol Theatre Project, Inc.
1140 N. Flagler Drive
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304

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-When out this weekend, please pick up a copy of BUZZ Magazine. This week'sissue of BUZZ Magazine will include the first of my weekly South FloridaCommunity Columns. In this week's column, I feature the TransgenderEquality Rights Initiatives (TERI) and the role this incredible group playedto help broaden protections under Broward County's Human Rights Ordinance.
[....] To view the column on-line, visit:
With you in the fight!
Michael Emanuel Rajner
954 272-8131 Fort Lauderdale

Fort Report
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-Democrats can swoop in and dash GOP hopes
In any other year, Democrats in Florida might be accused of beingdelusional. But this is not just another year. Gasoline may soon cost fivebucks a gallon. Florida has the nation's second-highest rate of homeforeclosures. Even unemployment, rarely a problem here, is going up.


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