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GLBT DIGEST - June 13, 2008

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New York Times
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-Massachusetts: Governor’s Daughter Announces She Is a Lesbian
The youngest daughter of Gov. Deval Patrick said in an interview that shewas gay, and that she came out to her parents after lawmakers voted to killa proposal that could have outlawed gay marriage in the state. The daughter,Katherine Patrick, 18, said her father responded to her announcement bygiving her a bear hug and saying, “Well, we love you no matter what.” Ms.Patrick made her revelation public in an interview with her family in BayWindows, a weekly Boston newspaper. The governor told the paper his familyagreed to the interview to make the news public on their own terms. Ms.Patrick said she told her father and her mother, Diane Patrick, of hersexual orientation on July 3, 2007, about three weeks after the legislaturerejected an amendment opposing same-sex marriage to the State Constitution. Mr. Patrick supports same-sex marriage.

-Three's A Charm? Gay California Couples Wed Again
For many California gays and lesbians, getting married is nothing new. They've done it more than once -- to the same person. But as the stateofficially begins marrying same-sex couples next week, old hands say eachtime is different. "How many times am I going to have to marry this woman

Washington Post
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-Gay. Latino. 'Gaytino!'
Dan Guerrero owes an awful lot to a certain hot tub. The one at his spa,where he sat soaking when it came to him like divine inspiration: "Isuddenly thought 'Gaytino!' " he excitedly recalls. "I'm a gaytino. Hell!That's a good little phrase."

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-Budapest Police Lift Gay Pride March Ban
Under international pressure Budapest's police chief Friday lifted a banimposed a day earlier on this year's Gay Pride parade.

-Campaign: Michelle Obama Never Used Word Whitey
The Barack Obama campaign said that Michelle Obama never used the word"whitey" in a speech from the church pulpit as it launched a Web site todebunk rumors about him and his wife.

-Fox News Accused Of Slurs Against Barack, Michelle Obama
Fox News Channel referred to Michelle Obama as "Obama's baby mama" in agraphic on Wednesday, the latest in a trio of references to the Democraticpresidential campaign that have given fuel to network critics.

-3 Yr. Sentence In Gay Man's Death
A 19 year old man has been sentenced to three years in prison in death of agay man who was beaten outside a Greenville, South Carolina bar.

-Nashville Schools To Protect LGBT Students
Nashville's Metro School Board has unanimously approved changes to the codeof student conduct to protect students from discrimination based onsexuality and gender identity.

-NJ Town Ordered To Pay Gay Couple $2.84M In Harassment Case
A Secaucus gay couple who endured years of threats and harassment fromvolunteer firefighters have been awarded $2.84 million in a civil rightssuit against the town.

-Transgender Rights Spread, But Opposition Mounts
As more state and local governments extend anti-bias protections totransgender people, fierce opposition is surfacing.

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-Letters to the editor
'Ad resembles ... crazy missive'
Re "Battling for America's Soul," advertisement, June 5
I am extremely offended that The Times would choose to publish a two-pageadvertisement from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Familyand Property. Since when is intolerant hate speech appropriate in anewspaper advertisement? Would The Times consider running an anti-Jewish adfrom a neo-Nazi group, or an anti-African American ad from the Ku Klux Klan?From its condescending use of quotation marks in every mention of the wordssame-sex marriage to its dubious conclusion of religious persecution againstopponents of gay unions, the ad is a slap in the face to everyforward-thinking person, gay or straight, who reads it. How interesting thatthe wedding photo of the heterosexual couple featured in the ad shows themwith their eyes shut. The Op-Ed section is the appropriate place for publicdiscourse regarding same-sex marriage in California. I know the newspaperbusiness is tough nowadays, but please don't sell your soul to bigotry andintolerance.
Richard Waddleton Long Beach
[more letters follow],0,218615.story

New York Times
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This Father’s Day, one of most popular pastors in America will open hismegachurch to homosexual dads, an event that would usually signal an extremeweather alert from old guard Republican evangelical leaders.

Express Gay News
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-Groundbreaking gay grads
Gay high schoolers enter adulthood with hope, big dreams
Yanssen Borges Perreira, Michelle Chadwick, and Adam Brock each walked downthe aisles at their high school commencement ceremonies last week as out andproud members of the graduating Class of 2008.

-Constitutional issue raised in R.I. gay divorce case
A Superior Court judge has refused to hear the divorce case of a lesbiancouple, but questioned whether the law that barred the women from endingtheir marriage unconstitutionally denied them a right enjoyed byheterosexual Rhode Islanders.

-D.C. mayor orders review of gay marriage options
Calif. ruling prompts city to analyze legal position
Mayor Adrian Fenty said he has directed his interim attorney general, PeterNickles, to conduct a thorough review on what the city’s legal options mightbe if same-sex couples in D.C. go to California to marry and ask theDistrict government to recognize their marriages.

-Poll: New Yorkers support Patterson's directive to recognize same-sex marriages
A majority of New Yorkers support Gov. David Paterson’s directive torecognize same-sex marriages in the state, but they also think Patersonshould have left the decision to the state Legislature, a poll found today.

-Massachusetts: Governor Deval Patrick's 18-year-old daughter announced thismorning that she is a lesbian, calling it a source of pride that she isready to share with Massachusetts. "As private of an issue as it is, we'vesort of had to come to terms with the fact that we are a public family andthere you give a part of yourself away," Katherine Patrick told the gaynewspaper Bay Windows in an article published today. "And we also ... wantedpeople to know that it's not only something that we accept, but it'ssomething that we�re very proud of. It's a great aspect of our lives andthere's nothing about it that is shameful or that we would want to hide."

-Most Americans say government should let gays wed: USA Today
Over 60% favor same-sex marriage
Six in 10 Americans say the government shouldn’t regulate whether gays andlesbians can marry whom they choose, USA Today reported last week, citing aGallup Poll the paper co-conducted. It found that 63 percent of adults saysame-sex marriage is “strictly a private decision” between two people. Thatthe government has the right “to prohibit or allow” such marriages wasagreed to by 33 percent of responders. Another 4 percent had no opinion. Majorities agreeing same-sex marriage should be private crossed level ofeducation, income and regional brackets. The poll also found that 97 percentsaid people of different religions should be allowed to wed; 95 percentfavored interracial marriages; 63 percent favored same-sex marriages; 30percent favored polygamy; and 18 percent marriages where one or both wereunder age 16.

-PFLAG demonstrates at ex-gay conference
Church in Orlando site of "Love Won Out"
About 30 members of PFLAG organizations from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, andSouth Carolina, including members of the national board, peacefullydemonstrated in front of an Orlando church where Love Won Out, an ex-gayconference, was held June 7.

The Advocate
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- Gay Couple Turned Away From Volunteer Work
When a gay couple tried to give back to their small town's local church,they were met with hate. Now the two are testing the waters of Washingtonstate's antidiscrimination policy, to see how it truly holds up.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-University Researcher Says Gay Communities on the Decline
The face of the gay community worldwide may be changing, according to aUniversity researcher's recently released study. Epidemiology professorSimon Rosser said he learned that "while the gay population is stable orincreasing," in all but the world's largest cities, "the size of thephysical gay community appears to be contracting." This means the number ofgay bars, clubs and bookstores appears to be thinning or becoming moremainstream.

-Our House: Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents
If Lifetime is looking for story ideas for movies, there are five good onesin Meema Spadola's Our House: Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents. Aside fromoriginally giving it an even more unwieldy subtitle ( A Very RealDocumentary about Kids of Gay/Lesbian Parents ) , the filmmaker has doneeverything right in showing five diverse families, their common thread beingthat the children have lesbian or gay parents. Even for the kids who arecool with their situation, having queer parents adds another level ofdifficulty to the already tough task of growing up. But most are copingwell—or manage to fake it for Spadola's camera—as it captures moments fromtheir lives, at home and away, filling in more details through interviews.

-Gay Candidates Win Primaries, Including South Carolina Congressional Race
Two Victory-endorsed candidates won their primaries last night, including aCongressional race in South Carolina. Linda Ketner and Larry Bliss bothdefeated their opponents by margins of 30 percent or more. Linda Ketner wonher primary in a race to represent South Carolina’s first Congressionaldistrict. By a margin of 65 percent to 35 percent, Ketner defeated fellowDemocrat Ben Frasier.

-Sentenced to 3 Years For Killing Man With Punch
A South Carolina man has been sentenced to three years in prison in thedeath of an openly gay man outside a Greenville bar. An attorney for19-year-old Stephen Andrew Moller said his client pleaded guilty and wassentenced Wednesday in the May 2007 death of 20-year-old Sean WilliamKennedy.

-Seniors Can Keep Their Minds Young Playing Video Games
Who would have thought that gunning down kamikaze pilots could keep youyoung? That's the finding of a new University of Florida study that showsthat playing video games helps senior citizens stay mentally alert. But youdon't have to tell that to residents of the Weinberg Village retirement homein Citrus Park, Fla., who are proving that conquering enemies in "Age ofEmpires" or "Medal of Honor" is no longer the domain of the young.

Marriage Equality News
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-California is known as a friendly destination for gay travelers, and withthe state due to sanction same-sex weddings next week, it's really rollingout the welcome mat. The California Travel and Tourism Commission websiteis howcasing four dozen wedding locales and packages for gay honeymooners. ...] "There is no doubt that same-sex marriage and vacations toCalifornia will be good for the economy," tourism commission exec SusanWilcox said in a statement. Information on hotel packages and weddingsites — more are being added — is posted at

-A ruling yesterday by Providence, Rhode Island, Superior Court Justice Patricia A. Hurst should sound a cautionary note for same-sex couples fromaround the country (or the world, for that matter) planning to go toCalifornia to get married beginning next week. Of course, folkscontemplating marriage full intend and hope that their union will bepermanent -- "until death do us part," as they say -- but a little realismsuggests that some portion of those blissful unions will turn out to be notquite as blissful as anticipated, and the ability to dissolve the legalbond, distribute the property, etc., will become relevant some day to someportion of those who will be marrying.

-Opponents of same-sex marriage asked the California Court of Appeal todayto put on hold a ruling that permits gays to marry next week, a move thatsupporters of the ruling quickly belittled as frivolous and certain to fail. The California Supreme Court, which approved same-sex nuptials in a historicruling May 15, already has refused to delay the effective date of itsdecision. Opponents wanted the court to postpone the ruling's effect untilafter a November ballot initiative to limit marriage to opposite-sexcouples. The ruling becomes law June 16 at 5 p.m.

Pink News - UK
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-EU will include sexual orientation in discrimination directive
The European Commission has announced that disability, sexual orientation,religion or belief and age will be included in a new directive ondiscrimination.

-Northern Ireland gay groups to be honoured at Stormont reception
A Sinn Fein member of the Northern Ireland Assembly is to host a receptionfor gay rights groups at Parliament Buildings.

-Swedish "prince" accused of faking gay relationship
Gerard Bernadotte, the so called 'fake' Prince, is being sued by Lufthansaairlines for allegedly pretending to be in a gay relationship with flightattendants in order to qualify for reduced airfares.

-Police will allow Budapest Pride to go ahead along planned route
The chief of police in the Hungarian capital Budapest has agreed to let aPride march take place along its original route. Yesterday he facedinternational condemnation when he attempted to ban the event.

-Gay rugby world cup kicks off in Dublin
The Bingham Cup started in Dublin today with 32 teams competing for thebiggest prize in gay rugby. London team Kings Cross Steelers will take on opponents such as theNashville Grizzlies.

-New York turns to online video to promote safer sex
As HIV infections continue to rise in some sectors of New York's gaycommunity, NYU and Public Health Solutions this week debuted an innovativenew tool.

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Daily Queer News
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-CA: Gay Unions Get Early Start
By Bobby Caina Calvan | Sacramento Bee
Yolo County will begin marrying same-sex couples the minute it is legal – atthe stroke of 5 o’clock Monday afternoon. Clerk-Recorder Freddie Oakley willclose her office for about an hour Monday afternoon so staff can loadgender-neutral marriage forms into county computer systems. Then, at 5 p.m.,she’ll start performing weddings for at least seven couples. “This is a bigevent for them, and we’re extending our hours to accommodate them,” saidBarbara Patenaude, Yolo County’s chief deputy clerk/recorder.

-Two Courts Go In Opposite Directions on ‘DADT’
By Eric Resnick | Gay People’s Chronicle
Boston–Two federal circuit courts have come to different conclusions about“don’t ask, don’t tell” in the last month, making a Supreme Court showdownmore likely if the law is not repealed first. The First Circuit Court ofAppeals in Boston upheld the measure this week, disagreeing with a NinthCircuit ruling that the military ban on open gays and lesbians may no longermeet constitutional muster since the Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws. The Ninth Circuit’s May 22 opinion says the military must prove thatallowing openly gay and lesbian servicemembers is bad for morale and unitcohesion, and that the standard of proof was set very high by the top court’s2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling. The Lawrence decision declared sexualactivity between consenting adults of the same sex “private,constitutionally protected conduct.”

-Two Ohio Lawmakers Join New LGBT Equality Caucus
By Eric Resnick | Gay People’s Chronicle
Washington, D.C.–Two Ohio lawmakers are among the charter members of a Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus formed last week. Reps. Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland and Betty Sutton of Akron, both Democrats, have joined in the venture led by openly lesbian and gay Reps. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and Barney Frank of Massachusetts with 61 others, including two Republicans. The caucus was launched on June 4. Baldwin spokesperson Jerilyn Goodman said that members of the caucus will work on educating other House members on issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. Goodman said Baldwin has wanted to organize such a group for years, but the opportunity to do it came this session after the votes on hate crime legislation in May 2007 and on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in October.

-62% of RX Drugs Purchased On-Line are Fake: StudyPharma Times
62% of medicines purchased on-line are fake or substandard, and theseinclude drugs used in the treatment of serious conditions such ascardiovascular and respiratory diseases, neurological disorders and mentalhealth conditions, according to new research presented this month at theGlobal Forum on Pharmaceutical AntiCounterfeiting in Washington, DC.

-Transgender Rights Law Spread, Not Always Calmly
By David Crary | Associated Press Writer | Seattle Post Intellegencer
NEW YORK — As more state and local governments extend anti-bias protectionsto transgender people, fierce opposition is surfacing. In Colorado,conservatives contend a new state law will enable sexual predators tofrequent women’s bathrooms; in Maryland a “Not My Shower” campaign seeks tooverturn a comparable county law. Though frustrated by the resistance, andinsistent that the alarms are unfounded, transgender-rights activists areheartened by an overall trend toward greater protection under the law. Inthe past 15 years, 13 states and more than 90 cities and counties - home toroughly 40 percent of the U.S. population - have passed measures banningvarious types of discrimination against transgender people.

Equality Forum Announces 31 Icons for GLBT Month 2008 in October
Georgina Beyer Mark Bingham
Margarethe Cammermeyer Rachel Carson
Bertrand Delanoe Melissa Etheridge
Harvey Fierstein E.M. Forster
Allen Ginsburg Philip Johnson
Bill T. Jones Cleve Jones
Sheila Kuehl Tony Kushner
Greg Louganis Robert Mapplethorpe
Del Martin & Phyllis Lyon Margaret Mead
Michelangelo Rosie O’Donnell
Troy Perry Gene Robinson
Anthony Romero Randy Shilts
Stephen Sondheim Gianni Versace
Alice Walker Andy Warhol
John Waters Jann Wenner
Tennessee Williams

“From Renaissance artist Michelangelo to environmental pioneer RachelCarson, the 31 Icons for 2008 combined with the 62 Icons for GLBT HistoryMonth 2006 and 2007, are extraordinarily impressive,” stated Malcolm Lazin,Executive Director, Equality Forum. Each day in October 2008, an Icon isfeatured with a video, biography, bibliography and other educationalresources. The resources for GLBT History Month 2008 Icons will be availablein October at Educational resources for 2006 and2007 Icons are archived on the site. GLBT History Month Icon videos areexpected to be broadcast on Logo and here! and streamed on major gayportals. The videos are offered without charge to educational nstitutions,nonprofit organizations, for profit companies and the public.

-MI: Grand Rapids Kicks Off Pride with An Eye-Opening Film
by Sarah Mieras - Between The Lines News
Pride month in Michigan’s second largest city was ushered in with the publicviewing of the touching documentary “For the Bible Tells Me So” and a paneldiscussion. Sponsored by the Triangle Foundation, the film played to anearly full house at the Wealthy Street Theater on June 4. The 2007Sundance-nominated film was produced and directed by Daniel Karslake, andaims to illuminate the effects homophobia has on real people, while gentlycombating anti-gay Christian messages through a mix of interviews,animation, expert testimony and personal life stories.

-MI: K-Zoo Pride to Take Over Downtown
by Sarah Mieras | Pride Source
The Kalamazoo LGBT community is stepping into the spotlight with its firstdowntown Pride festival in recent memory on June 14. The “It’s A FamilyAffair” Pride festival is slated to rock the Arcadia Festival Site in thecenter of downtown Kalamazoo with live music, crafts for the kiddies, adoggy fashion show, drag show, and yes, a beer tent. Artists lined up forthe day include Grand Rapids’ lesbian folk rocker LVNMUZIQ, the Irishtraditional group Whiskey Before Breakfast and the R&B group The Movement.

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Firebombings of unwanted gypsies and immigrants, rising gay-bashing,xenophobia and racism, and a hegemonic right against which a left incollapse can do little: our Rome correspondent, veteran ex-pat journalistJudy Harris, delivers exclusively for DIRELAND a dissection of the currentpolitical situation in Italy under hard-right billionaire Prime MinisterSilvio Berlusconi and whether or not the word "fascist" may be correctlyapplied to it. Fausto Bertinotti, former Speaker of the parliament andleader of the Rifondazione Comunista, has opened the debat e. Read thisLetter from Rome by clicking on:

-Dublin's 25th Gay Pride opens tonight
Dublin's 25th Gay Pride festival opens tonight and will celebrate thechanges for the community over the last two decades. An 80s revival in TheGeorge on South Great Georges Street will open the 10-day fest, which isexpected to draw thousands of visitors to the city. Highlights include theDublin Pride Parade, to be held on June 21st to mark the Stonewall riots inNew York, a pride ceili, family sports day and night party. Some 10,000revellers are due to attend the parade, which is second in size only to thecapital's St Patrick's Day parade.

Urgent Marriage Alert by Libby Post
Just when you thought it was safe to board a flight to California to say “Ido” the Radical Christian Right wing nuts have come out of their closet withthreats of lawsuits and radio attack ads. Reaching a quick fever pitch withan “Urgent Marriage Alert,” the National Organization for Marriage has an adrunning on a local talk radio across New York. It starts with “Grandma, myteacher says if grandpa was a girl it’s okay, you can still be married . . .” A young girl contends that Adam and Eve and, essentially, God, areold-fashioned and a boy asks if Dad married a man, who would be his mom? The announcer then steps in with an “Urgent Marriage Alert”—likes there’s aweather-system of same-sex marriage spreading across the nation underminingevery straight married couple out there. He tells listeners that New YorkGovernor David Paterson “just ordered state officials to use our tax dollarsto help same sex couples evade New York’s marriage laws.”

Palm Beach County Human Rights Council
Office of Equal Opportunity Finds Palm Beach County School District
Discriminates Against Employees With Domestic Partners
The Palm Beach County Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) issued two rulingsearlier this week finding that the School District of Palm Beach Countydiscriminated against employees with domestic partners by charging excessivehealth insurance premiums. The OEO also reinforced that the SchoolDistrict was subject to the County's Equal Employment Odinance. "Districtadministrators have been under the mistaken belief for years that they didnot have to comply with the county's equal employment ordiance," said RandHoch, President of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council. "Hopefullythese two rulings will now put an end to their discrimantory practices."

For News And Commentary: - Ron Mills

-Getting a Campaign Job
Are you currently looking for a job on a campaign? Is your campaign readyto start hiring staff? Staffing can be a very frustrating experience forboth job seekers and campaign staffers. On June 25th DFA Night School isteaming up with Democratic GAIN to help you find the right campaign orstaffer for you or your campaign. Democratic GAIN is the premiere onlineclearinghouse for Campaigns looking to hire staff and activists looking forjobs. Democratic GAIN President Amy Pritchard will join us for an hour longdiscussion on the do's and don'ts of searching for the right campaign job.

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-Homophobia exists in all countries, but also manifests itself in differentways. In most the past soviet union countries (because of certain historicalevents and cultural traditions), homophobia, even if it seems imperceptible,is part of the social order. An exception of Belarus, where homophobia is apolitical question also. In Belarus, homophobia has long been a casualnature. Jokes about the gays and insults, after a load, steel,unfortunately, an integral part of our lives. Homosexuals if suddenly becomeaware of their orientation, can be beaten, to dismiss work, to hunt down atthe university.

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-What Women Want (Maybe)
LADIES! Behold the splendor of the nude male form: sleek and powerful, amiracle of sculpted sinew, striding confidently across the sand orstretching out before you in ever-uncoiling glory. On second thought,perhaps you'd prefer not to. So say scientists at the frontiers of researchon the eternal question of what women find erotic, the latest answer towhich seems to be: not naked guys, or at least not simply naked guys. "Forheterosexual women," a researcher, Meredith Chivers, says in a newdocumentary about bisexuality called "Bi the Way," which was shown at theNewFest film festival in New York last Friday, "looking at a naked manwalking on the beach is about as exciting as looking at landscapes."

-Please share this information with New York State residents
New York Governor David Paterson has opened a phone line to determine howmuch support there is for his directive to recognize same-sex marriages fromother states and countries. The call is simple and takes about 5 seconds.
Call: 1-518-474-8390
Here's what happens:
Person on the Other End of the Phone: "Executive Chamber, may I help you?"
You: "I want to voice my support for Governor Paterson's same-sex marriagedirective."
POTOEOTP: "OK, what's your New York zip code?"

Fort Report
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-Evangelicals rethink views on gays
Can the terms gay and evangelical coexist? More evangelical Christians aretrying to grapple with homosexuality without straying from traditionallyheld views that same-sex relationships violate God's word. A privateconversation between leaders of a gay-rights advocacy group called Soulforceand Willow Creek Community Church last Sunday could mark a significantturning point.,0,4891181.story


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