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GLBT DIGEST - September 28, 2008

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Washington Post
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The University of Wyoming dedicated a bench to the memory of Matthew Shepard, the gay university student who was beaten, lashed to a fence and left to die in 1998. His parents called the dedication "a wonderful tribute" to someone who loved the school.

Miami Herald
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-ADOPTION: Gays are loving parents
The ignorance expressed in the Sept. 25 letter Gay adoption stunned me.
To compare homosexuals to swingers and prostitutes is ridiculous. My partner and I have been together for 15 years. We are the most moral people you will ever meet. One's sexual orientation has nothing to do with morality, nor is it abnormal. Banning gay adoption is not only outdated but detrimental to the foster-care system. Face it, there are good and bad homosexuals, and there are good and bad heterosexuals. Committed couples, gay or straight, who want to adopt a child should be judged solely on their ability to be good parents. This is done by examining merit, standing in the community, ability to provide a stable home and, of course, love and affection for the child.This silly blanket policy that allows only one group to even be considered to be able to adopt not only is archaic, but also discriminatory.

Re the Sept. 25 letter Gay adoption: What makes anyone think that a role model is defined only by sexuality?
There are plenty of messed-up kids and adults who came from ''normal,'' heterosexual households. A child in need of parents will benefit from love, care and stability, and that is all that matters. I support gay adoptions and thank everyone who opens their home to a child in need.

Steve Rothaus
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-Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon campaigns in South Florida
Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon with Fort Lauderdale mayoral candidate Dean Trantalis, and his partner Richard Smith at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Wilton Manors on Saturday. Nixon spent the day in South Florida campaigning for Sen. Barack Obama.

The Advocate
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-Critics: Proposed "Provider Conscience" Regulation Threatens Public Health
A proposal by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to expand federal protections for health care workers' religious beliefs could threaten the care that patients receive, several organizations are arguing. LGBT people are at particular risk if the proposed "provider conscience" regulation goes into effect, the groups assert, because the rule would allow workers, on the basis of their faith convictions, to refuse care to patients. "Existing law already protects workers against religious discrimination," Lambda Legal senior counsel Jennifer C. Pizer said in a statement. "The law requires 'reasonable accommodation' of religious beliefs -- and that's a fair approach because religious freedom matters a lot. But the changes that HHS proposes are so broad, vague, and confusing that they risk inviting health workers with antigay beliefs to refuse treatment and otherwise to discriminate against very vulnerable patients."

-Ecuador's Proposed Constitution Causes Rift Between Left and Right
Will this 85% Catholic, Latin American nation ratify a gay-friendly constitution? After all, it was the first in the Western Hemisphere to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation ... and it decriminalized sexual activity between people of the same sex six full years before the United States.

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-UK: Minister ties knot with partner
Treasury Minister Angela Eagle has become the first female MP to tie the knot in a civil partnership. The Labour MP for Wallasey and Maria Exall, her partner of 18 years, made the commitment at Southwark Register Offices in south London. Ms Eagle, 47, was involved in bringing in the Labour government's Civil
Partnerships Act of 2004.

-Names of injured lgbt activists published by Bosnian media
According to Danish Television DR1 the names of 8 injured lgbt activists and supporters have been published in Bosnian media. A Danish citizen is said to be leaving Sarajevo as soon as possible, as he fears for his life following the publishing. He tells DR1 that he has been forced to hide at the premises of a lgbt
organisation after the attack a few days ago.

-Top 10 gay 'weddings'
1. Sir Elton John and David Furnish
2. Matt Lucas, Little Britain comedian, and Kevin McGee, television producer
3. The Rev Peter Cowell and the Rev Dr David Lord
4. Alan Duncan, Shadow Secretary for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, and James Dunseath, a City press officer
5. George Takei, actor who played Mr Sulu in Star Trek, and Brad Altman, his business manager
6. Ellen DeGeneres, US comedian and television host, and Portia de Rossi, actress
7. Chris Smith, Labour politician, and Dorian Jabri, an education adviser
8. Michael Cashman, former EastEnders actor, now a Labour MEP, and Paul Cottingham
9. GrĂ¡inne Close and Shannon Sickels
10. Adam Macy, farmer in The Archers, and Ian Craig, chef in The Archers
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-From The Reverend Nancy L. Wilson
Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches
Calls for Action Against Global Anti-LGBT Violence!
Your help is urgently needed to stem the wave of international violence against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people. On Monday of this week, the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, composed of 52 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, met to discuss the growing tide of global violence that targets people solely because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Many nations already have laws intended to protect all citizens against violent, and often lethal, attacks. But far too often, those laws are not enforced when LGBT people are the focus of hatred. - UGANDA, NIGERIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, IRAQ
P.S. Within a matter of days, we will observe the 40th anniversary of the founding of Metropolitan Community Churches. Your participation in these global actions is a meaningful way to honor MCC's 40 years of human rights work and our Christian faith.
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