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FLORIDA DIGEST March 23, 2008

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Miami Herald
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-Amendment would hurt more than help
The property-tax reduction proposal put forward by the Taxation and BudgetReform Commission sounds too good to be true. In exchange for a one-pennyincrease in the sales tax -- c'mon, it's just a penny -- homeowners would berelieved of a large part of their property-tax burden. Taxpayer, beware. Ifit sounds too good to be true, it just may be.

Fort Report
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- Will Dean Cost the Dems Florida?
Florida's famously feckless electoral system usually deserves the ridiculeit gets. But not this time. Instead of the typical jokes about Flori-duh,the Sunshine State debacle currently gripping the Democratic Party hasevoked reminders of the Dean Scream - the notorious petulance of DemocraticNational Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean. He, along with the other sagebosses of the DNC, has left Democratic voters in what is arguably thenation's most crucial swing state feeling dissed, disenfranchised and, itnow seems, disinclined to back whomever the Democratic candidate is inNovember. And that could harm the party's White House bid as severely as anybutterfly ballot or hanging chad ever did.,8599,1724374,00.html

-Will Florida Democrats Take a Dive in November?
Lurking in the background of the interminable dispute over the DemocraticParty's handling of outlaw primaries in MI and FL has been the fear thatkeeping these two states unrepresented at the convention in Denver couldhurt the ultimate nominee's ability to win either or both in November.

-Proposed property-tax trade: Deliverance or downfall
A ground-breaking $9.6 billion property tax swap headed for the Novemberballot is the perfect solution for an aging government system that willalways trail the demographic trend.


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