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FLORIDA DIGEST April 10, 2008

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-Legislators may suspend millions in tax subsidies for pro sports teams
TALLAHASSEE - State subsidies used to help fund pro hockey and springtraining baseball in Broward County would be eliminated for one year, undera budget amendment the Florida House adopted Wednesday night.,0,7359884.story

-Florida Senate passes controversial guns-to-work bill
Crist says he will sign the controversial measure into law
TALLAHASSEE - The Republican-led state Senate handed a major election-yearvictory Wednesday to the National Rifle Association by approving a measureallowing some 500,000 Floridians with concealed-weapons permits to carrytheir guns to work.,0,5168476.story

-Twice-a-week watering may become permanent in South Florida
Water restriction relief expected today could soon turn into year-roundlimits, requiring conservation beyond just times of drought.
The South Florida Water Management District's governing board today willconsider a proposal to ease the temporary once-a-week watering limitsimposed in January in favor of allowing watering twice a week.,0,2789668.story

-School parents back Tamarac teacher accused of fondling student
Several parents are expressing their support for a Tamarac teacher chargedMonday with fondling a student during a private piano lesson.
The parents who spoke out Wednesday have children attending Imagine CharterSchool at Weston, one of the campuses where teacher David M. Layman works.
He also is a teacher at Arts Academy of Hollywood, which has launched aninvestigation, school Director Linda Strutz said in a statement Wednesday.,0,1266157.story

-New teachers union president in Palm Beach County did not disclose 1993conviction
County teachers union President-elect Robert Dow's 2001 school district jobapplication shows that he did not disclose that he pleaded no contest in1993 to a misdemeanor criminal charge in California of electrical wiringwithout a permit, according to files released Wednesday.,0,4375073.story

Steve Rothaus
Go to this link for the following articles: Panty-wearing politician wants to halt memorial for murderedgay teen
County Commissioner Brian Blair from Hillsborough County, Florida has justsent out a nasty anti-gay email to his supporters to oppose the National Dayof Silence scheduled for April 25.

Equality Florida
From Mallory Wells Public Policy Coordinator

-Civil Rights Bill
By a 7-1 vote, the Florida Senate Commerce committee today approved a billthat would ban anti-gay discrimination in employment and housing statewide.
Breaking News: Safe Schools and Civil Rights Bills Clear Hurdles in FLLegislature
Public Policy Coordinator Mallory Wells reports back from Tallahassee on twoof the 5 bills we are working on in Tallahassee.The bill, sponsored bySenator Ted Deutch (SB 572) now heads to the Senate Community AffairsCommittee : Chair Senator R. Garcia, Vice Chair Senator Hill, Senator Crist,Senator Dawson, Senator Geller, Senator H aridopolos, Senator Siplin,Senator Storms, Senator Villalobos, Senator Wise. The Deutch bill is acompanion to Rep. Kelly Skidmore's House bill but unlike the House versionthe Senate bill does not yet include gender identity. Based on theconversations I've had with legislators and the questions asked and answeredat today's hearing, I'm confident a fully inclusive bill would garner thesame support.

-Safe Schools
The Safe Schools anti-bully bill received a hearing in the Senate CriminalJustice Committee . We continue to press for inclusion of sexualorientation, gender identity as well as disability, ethnicity and physicalappearance explicitly among the listed categories. We are making headway inestablishing legislative intent. Sen. Bennett began by asking if the billprotects all students and Sen. Baker responded that it does. Sen. Aaronbergasked if the bill would protect on the basis on sexual orientation to whichSen. Baker responded "Yes." Baker also affirmed that the bill includingstudents regardless of gender identity as well. Sen. Baker's remarks todaymake it undeniable that LGBT students should be protected under thislegislation. Keep the emails and phone calls to legislators coming. It makesa difference up here.

Express Gay News
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-Transgender poll causes stir
A majority of Alachua County voters appear to oppose an ordinance protectingtrangender rights and believe the county is headed in the wrong direction,according to a poll conducted by a firm co-owned by the county RepublicanParty chairman.

Fort Report
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-Gov. Crist should veto guns-at-work legislation
Gov. Charlie Crist should not sign the so-called guns-at-work bill that is now on his desk, after being irresponsibly passed by the state House and Senate. The issue, despite the chattering of the National Rifle Association and its parrots, is not about the Second Amendment. Rather, it's about the obligation of private property owners to maintain the safety of their workforce and their workplace.

-Race is still too close for Obama to give in on Florida delegates
Here's a simple, logical way to give Florida a voice in the Democraticpresidential nomination: Barack Obama could join Hillary Rodham Clinton incalling for their national party to count the 1.75-million Democratic votesin Florida's disqualified Jan. 29 primary.

-Rubio's cozy favor uncovered
Nowhere in House Speaker Marco Rubio's book of "100 Innovative Ideas" did hecall for giving a state transportation contract to one of his Miami friends.
Maybe that's why Rubio tried to avoid an untidy public debate by slipping afew instructive words into his chamber's 366-page appropriations bill.

New members seated on water management board
Gov. Charlie Crist has appointed one of his former aides to South Florida's water management board. Two new members took seats Wednesday on the governing board of the South Florida Water Management District -- a Miami attorney who recently served as general counsel to Gov. Charlie Crist and an executive who heads Disney's conservation programs.

-Michelle Obama speaks during private fundraiser at The Moon
Michelle Obama swung through Tallahassee on Wednesday for a privatefundraiser that raised $80,000 for her husband's presidential bid.
Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Sen. Barack Obama,spoke to a crowd of about 450, with some describing her 30-minute speech asheartfelt. She talked about change, health care and how her husband wasraised by a single-white mother in the 1960s with values, attendees said.

From Justin Flippin - Candidate for Wilton Manors City Commission

-I am very happy to announce the beginning of my campaign and my candidacyfor City Commissioner of Wilton Manors. As many know, I live in WiltonManors and have been very involved in public service, government, and thepolitical process for some time. The election is this November; so when weall vote for our next president, those living in Wilton Manors will alsohave the opportunity to vote for me!
I wanted you to be among the first to learn of my candidacy. In someway, shape, or form, over the coming months between now and November 4th,your involvement in my campaign no matter if you are a resident of WiltonManors or not, is vital and something for which I respectfully ask of eachof you. There are many ways to give: some financial, others throughvolunteering as we stuff envelopes, walk together door to door, and spreadthe word to all you know of my candidacy.
Fundraising is one of the most necessary and least exciting aspects of acampaign. Nonetheless, should any feel comfortable with contributing, nomatter the amount, I would be truly honored and appreciative. Checks can bemade out to: "Campaign of Justin S. Flippen," and mailed to the campaign at9 NE 19 CT, Unit 201 C, Wilton Manors, FL 33305. State law requires that Iinform you that individual contributions are limited to $500.00. Very soon,I will also have on my website the means for individuals to contributeonline.
I invite you to learn more about my campaign by visiting my website Thank you for your support as I seek to serve theresidents of Wilton Manors as their next city commissioner.

From Mark's List

-The 31st anniversary of Pridefest is scheduled for Saturday, and SundayApril 12 & 13, at the very popular Holiday Park/War Memorial Auditorium.
Pridefest is a celebration and tribute to the LGBT community and its uniqueculture. The weekend-long event includes a special tent and dance floor foryour dancing pleasure with local DJ Miik (Sunday) and DJ Gina (Saturday),Also featured are over 200 vendors, music, food, Games, and ArtsUnited's(Art Pavilion). As usual, there will be non-stop entertainment both days,with an outdoor stage highlighted by national recording artist Viola Wills,The Fort Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus, Diana Polisena, Jon Simon (Hypnotist),Tony Cruz, Shelina, In Harmony, Church of the Holy Spirit Song, RichardCortez, Crossfire, Flamingo Freedom Band, and many more surprises! ComcastCable and Logo Network has secured the 2 characters from the Rick and SteveShow that will be at the event and Paolo Andino from the Big Gay Sketchshow. Official Pridefest events will be held at several of the nightclubsand venues in town starting on Friday, April 12 and continuing throughSunday night. The hours are Noon - 7 p.m. both days, giving our local gayclubs the opportunity to continue celebrating Pride well into the night.
Pride South Florida is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run by unpaidvolunteers. They aim to produce a highly professional Pride Festival that isnot only economically valuable to our community to promote itself as the #1Gay and Lesbian destination in the U.S.A., but also benefiting South FloridaGLBT community organizations: 100% of the Proceeds from Pridefest aredistributed through a grant program each Spring. For more information onPridefest events, volunteering and other activities, please visit theirwebsite or call the PrideLine at (954) 561-2020.


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