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GLBT NEWS April 7, 2008

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-A Gay-Friendly Message to Mega-Churches
by Deb Price
When Michelle Freeman fell in love with a woman 12 years ago, she feltcompelled to leave her predominantly African American church.
"The last sermon I heard as a practicing Baptist was very anti-gay," recallsFreeman, 42. "I had internalized homophobia. But when I met Georgia, Iwanted us to worship in a place where we could be ourselves."

-Local Parish Opposes Episcopal Church's Stance on Gays
Though small in number, the officers and most of the 44 active baptizedmembers of Dickinson's St. John's Episcopal Church are speaking loudly inopposition to their bishop's decision to not license a partnered gay priestin Grand Forks.
The Rev. Bruce MacDuffie said their position is not to champion the cause ofthe Rev. Gayle Baldwin, 62, an associate professor of religion at theUniversity of North Dakota. Instead, the Dickinson parish opposes BishopMichael Smith's general position on not licensing partnered gay and lesbianpeople.

Express Gay News
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-Lesbian FBI agent coming out at gay network

-Gay Mormon, church officials to meet

-Sir Ian McKellen to battle for openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson

-Anderson Cooper 'passes' on outing

-LGBT to Catholics to protest anti-gay Pope
Queers United

-Charlton Heston's turbulent gay history

-Homosexual leader calls AIDS: "A gay disease"
AFA Journal

-Queery: Justin Flippen
President of the Dolphin Democrats and candidate for Wilton Manors CityCouncil

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-Mormon Leaders Agree To Meet Gay LDS Group
(Salt Lake City Utah) After decades of silence, Mormon church officials haveagreed to meet with a gay Mormon support group that has sought to forgeunderstanding between the faith's leaders and its gay members.

-Gay Activist Among Arrested At London Olympic Torch Protest
(London) British LGBT rights activist Peter Tatchell was detained by policeon Sunday, one of dozens of protestors who were arrested during ademonstration as Olympians and dignitaries carried the Olympic torch duringthrough London.

-Crafter Of Federal DOMA Mulls Libertarian Presidential Bid
(Washington) Former Republican Rep. Bob Barr said Saturday he has formed apresidential exploratory committee and may seek the Libertarian partynomination.

-Pitched Contest For Pa. Youth Vote
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) -- Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton arehustling for the youth vote in Pennsylvania as if they've never heard thisis a state where the old hold sway.

-Key Aide Leaves Clinton Campaign In Free Trade Dispute
(Albuquerque, New Mexico) Mark Penn, the pollster and senior strategist forHillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid, left the campaign Sunday after itwas disclosed he met with representatives of the Colombian government tohelp promote a free trade agreement Clinton opposes.

-Trial to Proceed In Transwoman Discrimination Suit
(Houston, Texas) The District Court for the Southern District of Texas onFriday denied motions for summary judgment from both sides in the case of atransgender woman who found her job offer from a Houston medical clinicwithdrawn after a background check disclosed her sex as male.

-Man Convicted Of Spreading HIV Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison
(Windsor, Ontario) A man convicted of knowingly spreading the virus thatcauses AIDS was handed an 18-year prison sentence Friday after a judgedeclined to declare him a dangerous offender.


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