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FLORIDA DIGEST April 9, 2008

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(Tallahassee, Florida) With the support of both Democrats and Republicans, aFlorida Senate committee approved a bill this morning to prohibitdiscrimination against gay men and lesbians in employment, housing, andpublic accommodations. "Today's vote is truly historic," said Rand Hoch,president of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council. "This demonstratesthat Florida lawmakers are finally beginning to understand the need for astatewide law prohibiting discrimination faced by the GLBT community."

On Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 2:00 pm, at Stonewall Library & Archives,journalist and best-selling author Kevin Sessums will speak and sign copiesof his book "Mississippi Sissy."
Sessums was a contributing editor at Vanity Fair for fourteen years where hecreated probing not-to-be-missed profiles of Hollywood royalty. He was alsoa contributing editor at Allure magazine and was executive editor for AndyWarhol's Interview magazine.
In his first book, "Mississippi Sissy," a memoir of his early life in theDeep South, Sessums paints a vivid self-portrait of a solitary boy who wasorphaned at 8 into a world of racial division and complex familyrelationships.

New York Times
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-Property Values: What You Get for ... $600,000

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-Dania Beach: City commissioners vote to condemn hate crimes
Saying they want to protect people's civil rights, commissioners Tuesdaynight passed a resolution condemning hate crimes in the city.
According to the document, commissioners are "keenly aware" of specific hatecrimes, which are motivated by race, religion, disability, ethnic origin andsexual orientation.,0,4117521.story

-Legislators trying to appease religious right again
ISSUE: Abortion bill passes Florida House.
If you ever wonder why the Florida Legislature often has had to go intocostly extra sessions because it can't get its work done during the regularsession, it's because of time wasted on needless legislation. This year'scrop includes HB 257.,0,618875.story

-Bill requiring ultrasound before abortions clears Florida Senate panel
TALLAHASSEE - A Senate panel Tuesday approved a bill requiring that womenseeking an abortion first get an ultrasound exam, but the narrow 4-3 voteclouded the future of a measure already passed by the House.,0,3485286.story

Miami Herald
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Democrats bid for state seats
National Democrats are looking at Florida as a prime spot for picking upsome Republican-held House seats.
Buoyed by Republican retirements and fat campaign coffers,U.S. House Democrats are optimistic about expanding their majority --perhaps by picking up a Republican-held seat in South Florida.

-Guns unsafe at work
Who knew getting guns could be that easy? Recently Homestead policeconfiscated AK-47s, sniper rifles, semi-automatic pistols and more than5,000 rounds of ammunition. The cache came from a 22-year-old man who sayshe traded weapons over the Internet.

-For sexual predators, it's a camp of isolation
The bridge overhead is so close there isn't room for a man to stand.
All the neighbors are felons and everyone lives in Wal-Mart tents, exceptthe oldest man, who is 82. He lives in a shack.

Keep water limits
Generous skies have been kinder to South Florida -- including LakeOkeechobee -- than was expected during the dry season this year. The delugesof this weekend helped bring the lake's level to 10.35 feet above sea level,up from 10.27 a year ago. The increase is heartening for water managers, butit is still several feet below where it should be.

Steve Rothaus
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-Celebrities, filmmakers and VIPs to attend Miami & Fort Lauderdale gay filmfestivals
The 10th Annual Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and the Fort LauderdaleGay & Lesbian Film Festival will welcome the largest contingent ofcelebrities, VIPS and filmmakers than ever before in the festival's history.
Whether it's a fashion designer diva, a political AIDS activist, a historymaking Pastor, a revolutionary filmmaker, a novelist turned director or evena funny leading lady, the Festival guests will inspire and surprise withtheir appearances throughout the ten days.

Fort Report
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-2,400 Floridians die for want of insurance
Lack of health insurance killed six working-age Floridians a day in 2006,according to a national health advocacy organization.
"For this group of people, lack of health insurance is the third-leadingcause of death after heart disease and cancer," said Ron Pollack, executivedirector of Washington-based Families USA.

-Allstate Must Comply By Monday Or Stop Writing
TALLAHASSEE - Allstate's companies doing business in Florida will have tostop writing new policies after Monday if the insurance giant fails to applyfor a rehearing by then, state officials said Tuesday.
Allstate spokesman Adam Shores said the company would evaluate its legaloptions regarding a rehearing by the new deadline. Its 1,100 agents willcontinue writing business in Florida until the court rules on the pendingstay, granted in January.

-Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Bill Advances
TALLAHASSEE - State Sen. Arthenia Joyner of Tampa was reluctant to changeher bill, which would compensate those wrongfully imprisoned for crimes theydidn't commit.
Joyner, a Democrat, initially objected to amendments that would prohibitanyone with a prior felony from receiving $50,000 for each year of wrongfulincarceration.

From Gay S. Florida
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Our goal has been to destroy the stereotypes of our community andpresent a professional product that's not sullied by overt sexual contentand not littered with ads for adult websites. Our readers are just ascomfortable clicking on GaySoFla at work as they are at home.
We strongly feel there is a real need for this type of media outlet andare excited to experience a few successes along the way. According toseveral 3rd party Website Ranking companies, Gaysofla has consistentlyranked in the "top five" for similar south Florida LGBT websites for thepast three months. Our inbox is constantly filled with emails and inquiriesfrom readers as far away as Australia & Dubai!
Last week the Latino Press Award nominations were announced and GaySoFlareceived a nomination for Best LGBT Website. Two of our contributors,Waymon Hudson (The HomoPolitico) and George Maiko Coronado (Out & About)were nominated for Best Columnist for South Florida LGBT media.
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