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New York Times
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-Testimony by General Will Test Candidates for President
WASHINGTON - Three presidential candidates and two very different views ofIraq will be on full display on Tuesday as Gen. David H. Petraeus, the topAmerican commander in Baghdad, testifies before the Senate in a marathonsession of war and White House ambitions.

-Asian Inflation Begins to Sting U.S. Shoppers
BAT TRANG, Vietnam - The free ride for American consumers is ending. For twogenerations, Americans have imported goods produced ever more cheaply from asuccession of low-wage countries - first Japan and Korea, then China, andnow increasingly places like Vietnam and India.

-More Time for More of the Same?
Americans this week get another chance to take stock of President Bush'swar-without-end in Iraq. Gen. David Petraeus, the military commander inBaghdad, has already signaled his bottom line: there should be a pause inthe withdrawal of American troops.

-A Different Kind of Election
The teenage girl came running out of Behm's Family Restaurant, calling afterme. "Hey!" she said. "Don't just talk to the older people. You should talkto some young people, too."

-A Network of Truces
The U.S. brought no shortage of misconceptions into Iraq, but surely thelongest lasting has been what you might call: Founding Fatherism. This isthe belief that peace will come to the country when the nation's politicalelites gather at a convention hall and make a series of grand compromisesinvolving power-sharing and a new constitution.

-California Feuding
No state has done as much as California to sponsor, legitimize and rewardenvironmental virtue.

-Corporate Croesus
It's hard to square the conceit that chiefs at 10 financial- services firmsmade $320 million last year as their banks reported mortgage- related lossesof $55 billion.

-Obama's Young Backers Twist Parents' Arms
The daily phone calls. The midnight e-mail. And, when college lets out,those dinner table declamations? Oh, please.

-Olympic Group Debating Torch Route
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The Olympic torch arrived for its only North Americanstop amid heavy security Tuesday, a day after its visit to Paris descendedinto chaos and activists here scaled the Golden Gate Bridge to protestChina's human rights record.

-Shift at Top May Mean Shift in Tone for Clinton
WASHINGTON - "This isn't exactly what I was planning on when I woke up thismorning," Geoff Garin e-mailed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton after a hastyweekend shake-up left him atop her campaign's strategy team.

-Ouster Opens Opportunity for Obama
The resignation of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief strategist, whocame under fire for advising Colombia on a free trade pact, gives SenatorBarack Obama an opportunity he has awaited since Mrs. Clinton walloped himon trade issues in Ohio.

Washington Post
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-Congress To Hear Of Gains In Iraq
Petraeus, Crocker To Face Impatient Lawmakers
In a reprise of their testimony last September, Army Gen. David H. Petraeusand Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker plan to tell Congress today and tomorrow thatsecurity has improved in Iraq and that the government of Prime MinisterNouri al-Maliki has taken steps toward political reconciliation and economicstability.

-Run, Condi, Run!
Oh, please; oh, please; oh, please. I know it's undignified to beg, butplease let John McCain pick Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.

-Obama at the Helm
Deep into a primary campaign that was supposed be over by now, Barack Obamamust still answer one fundamental question. Jeremiah Wright notwithstanding,it's not whether he's too black. It's whether he's too green. HillaryClinton has made Obama's inexperience her chief line of attack, and if shegoes down, John McCain will pick up where she left off. Luckily, Obamadoesn't have to rely on his legislative résumé to prove he's capable ofrunning the government. He can point to something more germane: the way he'srun his campaign.

-Mr. Mugabe Resists
Zimbabwe's ruler may use force to remain in power -- unless his neighborsstop him.
FOR A DAY or two last week it looked as though Robert Mugabe might finallyaccept the end of his disastrous misrule of Zimbabwe. Authoritiesacknowledged that the opposition won a March 29 election for parliament, andthere were reports that Mr. Mugabe was being urged to concede defeat in thepresidential vote. Yet now, bolstered by the corrupt cadres of his rulingparty and the security forces that still support him, the 84-year-oldautocrat seems to be preparing to stay in power by force. While the resultsof the presidential vote are being withheld by the electoral commission, Mr.Mugabe's regime is suggesting it will contest a runoff election withopposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai -- one in which it would probably resortto the violence it used to win previous elections. On Sunday, Mr. Mugabe'sthugs began invading white-owned farms, repeating a tactic the presidentadopted the last time he lost an election, in 2000.

-Cheney Could Keep Security Detail
Secret Service Calls 6-Month Extension Prudent, Probable
The man code-named "Angler" by the Secret Service will probably continue toreceive the agency's protection long after he leaves office next year.

Fort Report
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-Exit the Clinton Strategist
Mark Penn, the strategist with near-total control over Hillary Clinton'scampaign message and strategy since its inception, left the campaign underpressure, her campaign announced on Sunday night. The stunning announcementcame after it was revealed Friday that Penn, in his capacity as worldwideCEO of the lobbying firm Burson-Marsteller, had held discussions withofficials from Colombia on a bilateral free-trade agreement. Clinton hassaid she is against such a pact. While campaigning for the Ohio primary,Clinton had assailed Barack Obama's campaign for what she said was its tacitcollusion with Canada over NAFTA, another controversial free-trade pact thatshe has said needs to be renegotiated.

-Come, O Come, Emanuel
It ain't over till it's over. But at some point soon, someone may have tonot-so-gently tell Hillary time is up. Enter 'Rahmbo.'

-The Republican War on Voting
The Republican Party is trying to suppress low-income minority votes bypropagating the myth of voter fraud.


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