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New York Times
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-Executive Pay: A Special Report
A Brighter Spotlight, Yet the Pay Rises
WASN'T 2008 supposed to be the year of shareholder victory on the executive compensation front?

-Editorial: Some Truth About Trade
There's nothing like international trade to help bridge the nation'sideological divide. As Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton travel the RustBelt, the Democratic candidates seem to be eschewing the advice of theireconomic advisers and turning to Karl Rove's playbook.

-Tet Happened, and No One Cared
REALLY, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of themselves forlibeling John McCain. As a growing chorus reiterates, their refrains thatMr. McCain is "willing to send our troops into another 100 years of war inIraq" (as Mr. Obama said) or "willing to keep this war going for 100 years"(per Mrs. Clinton) are flat-out wrong.

-Our Racist, Sexist Selves
To my horror, I turn out to be a racist.
The University of Chicago offers an on-line psychological test in which youencounter a series of 100 black or white men, holding either guns orcellphones. You're supposed to shoot the gunmen and holster your gun for theothers.

-It's About Laws, Not Light Bulbs
The issue of climate change is now in a sad state of political andlegislative suspension, awaiting an election, a new president and a newCongress.

-Choir School Celebrates Its 70th Season
To close out their school's 70th season, the boys of the American BoychoirSchool gave a concert last week at the Richardson Auditorium at PrincetonUniversity.

Washington Post
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-Vietnam vets admire McCain, may not vote for him
DALLAS/PHOENIX (Reuters) - Bob Schultz is a self-described conservativeRepublican who saw combat when he served as a helicopter pilot during theVietnam War, but that doesn't mean he will vote for former Vietnamprisoner-of-war John McCain in November's U.S. presidential election.

-Genocide by Attrition in Sudan
Sudan's National Islamic Front regime has begun its sixth year of genocidal counterinsurgency warfare in the vast western region of Darfur, targetingAfrican civilian populations perceived as the primary support for fractiousrebe groups. Given the length of the conflict, news reports have inevitablytaken on a grimly familiar and repetitive character that obscures theimpending cataclysm of human destruction.

-McCain's Housing Restraint
Hurling a compliment at Barack Obama in the hope of wounding him, HillaryClinton's campaign has said that his proposals for responding to theeconomy's housing-related credit woes put him "to the right of the Bushadministration." Her complaint is that the government spending and othermarket interventions that he proposes are a bit less flamboyant than hers.

-Repairing America's Spy Shop
Listening to members of Congress, you might think the biggest problem at theCentral Intelligence Agency is that one of its officers destroyed videotapesthat showed waterboarding of suspected al-Qaeda operatives. I wish theproblems out at Langley were that simple and that easy to fix.

-The Future of Entitlements
A novel idea for an old problem: Force politicians to stop ducking.

-Aiming to Ease Tensions, Without U.S.-Russia Pact
SOCHI, Russia, April 6 -- President Bush and Russian President VladimirPutin wrapped up their final meeting in office Sunday with plenty of warmwords and mutual praise but no concrete agreement on missile defense or theother issues that divide them.

-Arrests Mar London's Olympic Torch Relay
LONDON -- Police repeatedly scuffled with protesters as Olympians anddignitaries carried the Olympic torch during a chaotic relay through snowyLondon on Sunday.

Permissible Assaults Cited in Graphic Detail
Drugging Detainees Is Among Techniques

-Taiwan VP-Elect to Meet Chinese Leader
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taiwan's vice president-elect may hold informaldiscussions with China's leader at a trade forum on the mainland, what wouldbe the highest-level meeting ever held between the two historic rivals, anofficial said Sunday.

-New Focus on Coal's Part in Warming
Greater Advances In Technology Are Seen as Critical

-Obama Steers Clear of 'Warmonger' Talk
BUTTE, Mont. -- Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) declined twice Saturday topersonally repudiate a liberal radio host's declaration that Sen. JohnMcCain (R-Ariz.) is a "warmonger."

-Benedict and Public Perception
A poll probing public perceptions of Pope Benedict has arrived, this onefrom the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life and the Pew Research Center forthe People & the Press. It finds that one-half of Americans have a favorableopinion of the pope. But 30 percent don't know much about, and close to onein five have an unfavorable view of him.

Fort Report
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-'Soft money' battle brewing
Millions raised; attack ads set
Four years ago, wealthy Republicans bankrolled two influential, looselyregulated political organizations that helped President Bush win reelectionwith TV ads invoking the 2001 terrorist attacks and maligning the VietnamWar record of Democratic nominee John F. Kerry.

-Clinton Donors Press Dean at Fifth Avenue Bundler Summit
Leading donors to the Clinton and Obama campaigns sat down together lastnight with DNC chairman Howard Dean at a meeting at the Fifth Avenueapartment of super-bundlers Maureen White and Steven Rattner.

-The Loneliest Call
In the end, only the candidate can know when it's time to fold 'em. At somepoint in the next weeks or months,either Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton or Sen.Barack Obama is going to face a lonely moment. Standing at the bathroom sinkwith a toothbrush, or huddling with aides at campaign headquarters orcollapsed on a couch at home with his or her spouse, one of them will decidethat it's over.

-Clinton in uphill battle with truth
Sen. Hillary Clinton is often perceived as dishonest, sometimesunjustifiably so.

-Biden calls buildup in Iraq a failure
In the weekly Democratic radio address, the senator asserts that Bush'syear-old endeavor hasn't led Iraqi groups to settle their differences.,1,2606864.story?track=rss

-Fired up and ready for a nomination battle
IN MASSACHUSETTS, prominent Hillary Clinton supporters are fired up andready to go after prominent Barack Obama supporters.


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