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FLORIDA DIGEST April 18, 2008

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-Supporters of constitutional ban on gay marriage launch campaign in WestPalm Beach, around the state
WEST PALM BEACH - Married 53 years ago, Sidney and Cecile Lenier of WestPalm Beach stood at a news conference Thursday holding a weathered copy of acirca-1883 "pastor's handbook" containing their wedding vows, and spoke ofthe virtues of marriages like theirs that involve a man and woman.,0,5023585.story

-Florida's senior voters a prized target in gay marriage ban campaigns
FORT LAUDERDALE - Both sides in the fight over whether to shore up Florida'sban on gay marriage by enshrining it in the state constitution are targetingseniors, who are consistently the most reliable voters.
Activists arguing against putting the gay marriage ban in the constitutionsay one of its side effects would be to hurt elderly straight couples wholive together rather than marry as a way to preserve pension and SocialSecurity benefits. The way the proposed gay marriage ban is worded,opponents say, those straight couples' arrangements could be jeopardized.,0,1919245.story

-If intelligent design OK in classroom, why not sex ed?
If teachers need free speech protection in science classrooms, why not extend it to sex education classes? That was the argument of local Democratic Sens. Ted Deutch of Boca Raton and Nan Rich of Weston, as the Senate today began debating whether teachers need a law that would allow them to present "scientific evidence" critical of evolution.The "Academic Freedom" bill by Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, would protectteachers and students from harassment or retaliation for discussingscientific theories that contradict Darwin's theory of how man evolved."We're talking about academic freedom," said Deutch. "In an abstinence-onlysex education program, a teacher may wish to answer a student's question and provide additional information that may protect a life or stop an unwanted

Miami Herald
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-Bishop: Faith has many tongues
The head of the Episcopal Church preached love for neighbors on the last dayof her South Florida visit.
The first female presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church experienced themulticultural world of South Florida firsthand Thursday, with stops at threechurches including the oldest Haitian Episcopal congregation in the UnitedStates.

Steve Rothaus
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-Sunshine Cathedral - Troy Perry to be in pulpit May 4th
Start spreading the word: The founder of the Metropolitan Community Churchesmovement, the Reverend Elder Troy D. Perry, will be our guest speaker at theCathedral on May 4th. He will be speaking at both services that day, so planto attend and tell your friends to join you. Troy Perry started the firstMetropolitan Community Church in his living room on October 6, 1968. In justfour decades, he has watched MCC grow from the first 12 people who met athis house to now 250 congregations (over 43,000 members) worldwide. SunshineCathedral is one of those congregations! MCC was the first church torecognize the need to minister to the needs of gays, lesbians, bisexuals,and transgender persons throughout the world. It is through that ministrythat Mr. Perry has become a leading activist for gay and lesbian rights.

-Gay hate-crimes memorial to be displayed in Florida capitol
Event marks first time a gay exhibit has been in state's rotunda
Gay American Heroes, the traveling monument that memorializes gay men andwomen who have been killed due to homophobic violence, is scheduled to bedisplayed in the Florida Capitol Rotunda April 28.

-Walking, running and blading to fight HIV
AIDS Walk Miami to feature actress Jane Lynch as marshal
Get out your running shoes - or even your rollerblades - for the 20th annualAIDS Walk Miami on Sunday, April 20. The event benefits HIV/AIDS servicesoffered by Care Resource, the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of SouthFlorida, Broward House and the Food for Life Network.


-Friends of WLRN will present NPR's Diane Rehm on the evening of Thursday, May 22, live at the Gusman Center in downtown Miami. This is a rare South Florida appearance, and a major fundraiser for 91.3 WLRN.
Tickets are on sale now. We are sending this early notice to our members because we expect the $100 tickets, in particular, to sell out quickly, once the event is announced to the general public on Monday. Individual Ticket Price and Seating Information: $100 - $50 - $25
Ticketmaster: (305) 358-5885 or (954) 523-3309 by phone or purchase your tickets online.


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