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NATIONAL & WORLD NEWS April 24, 2008

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New York Times
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-Empty Talk on Taxes
One of the toughest questions that will face the next president is what todo about taxes. There can be no real progress on health care, rebuilding themilitary or any other major issue without dealing with rising budgetdeficits and mounting debt from nearly eight years of profligate spendingand tax breaks for the wealthy.

-Better Roses Than Cocaine
For seven years, Democrats have rightfully complained that President Bushhas gratuitously antagonized the world, exasperating our allies and erodingAmerica's standing and influence.

-Zimbabwe-Bound Ship Heads Back to China
JOHANNESBURG - A Chinese ship carrying armaments made by a Chinesestate-owned company and bound for Zimbabwe has headed back to China withoutunloading its cargo of bullets and mortar bombs, a spokeswoman for China'sforeign ministry confirmed at a briefing Thursday.

-In Surprise, Ford Swings to Profit
2008DETROIT - The Ford Motor Company on Thursday said it earned $100 millionin the first quarter, following a loss in the same quarter last year, asurprising improvement amid a slump in the United States market that has cutsales of its most lucrative vehicles.

-Russia Embraces Its Church
The Kremlin has turned the Russian Orthodox Church into a de facto officialreligion.

Washington Post
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-Trouble Ahead for Obama
When Pennsylvania exit polls came out late Tuesday afternoon showing a leadof 3.6 points for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, Democratic leaders whodesperately wanted her to end her candidacy were not cheered. They were surethat this puny lead overstated Obama's strength, as exit polls nearly alwayshave in diverse states with large urban populations. How is it possible,then, that Clinton, given up for dead by her party's establishment, wonPennsylvania in a 10-point landslide? The answer is the dreaded "Bradleyeffect."

-Running on Sweet Nothings
Maybe it's in the nature of politics to sugarcoat reality, but this year'spolitical campaign is becoming an escape to Fantasy Island, rather than areal exploration of the serious problems facing the United States.

-Education Lessons We Left Behind
Let us limp down memory lane to mark this week's melancholy 25th anniversaryof a national commission's report that galvanized Americans to vow to dobetter. Today the nation still ignores what had been learned years before1983.

-Defending a 'Wide Stance' Requires a Thick Wallet
Add this to the list of indignities Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has sufferedsince getting busted in an airport restroom last June: He now has to pay hislegal dream team out of his own pocket.

Fort Report
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-The Democrats' war of attrition
The Democratic race is beginning to erode party unity and solidify voterresentment.
So much for predictions that the Pennsylvania primary would be decisive inthe contest for the Democratic presidential nomination. It takes nothingaway from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's impressive victory to observe thatTuesday's primary turned out to be one more contest in a long war ofattrition.,0,4096981.story

-Pay discrimination bill killed in Senate
GOP blocks bid to ease lawsuits
WASHINGTON - Republicans in the Senate have killed a bill that would haveremoved limits on how long workers can wait before suing their employers forpay discrimination.


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