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FLORIDA DIGEST April 21, 2008

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-Gay marriage amendment limits rights
My sister and I were born in the same country, the United States. We are 22months apart, she is the elder. We went to the same schools learning aboutour rights and how we are so lucky to live in this free country thatprovides us with equal opportunities. Somehow along the way, I ended uphaving more rights than her. I grew up, fell in love and got married. Shegrew up, fell in love, and is prohibited under law from getting married.
Why? Because she is gay.,0,406341.story

-Shutting off ocean outfalls good goal, but implementation could make matters worse
ISSUE: Legislature moves toward shutting off ocean-polluting wastewater outfall pipes. South Florida has treated the ocean like a toilet long enough.,0,2298934.story

Miami Herald
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-Increasing water flow into Everglades
The Everglades are a treasure; a unique ecosystem found nowhere else in theworld. Thousands of people representing a range of interests have workeddiligently to protect and restore the Everglades ecosystem. For years wehave focused on one of the most troublesome barriers to restoration -- theTamiami Trail. I am pleased to report that we have just reached asignificant milestone: We have completed a draft plan for allowing morewater to flow under Tamiami Trail and into Everglades National Park.

Florida superdelegates could be super tiebreakers
They are a bunch of mostly middle-aged lawyers and politicians who can'tdecide between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But there's also a37-year-old single mom and an 80-year-old grandmother, a retired small-townmillworker and an author of best-selling books on corporate America, as wellas a couple of supporters of former candidates John Edwards and DennisKucinich. Superdelegates could emerge as super tiebreakers -- but whetherFlorida's votes will count remains undecided.

-Murder reward rises to $5,000
The reward has grown to $5,000 in case of Simmie L. Williams Jr.,17-year-old Fort Lauderdale boy who was gunned down earlier this year.
Police posted fliers at Sistrunk Boulevard and 10th Avenue Monday, hopingthe $5,000 reward will help in the Simmie Williams murder case. Almost twomonths later, there are few witnesses and few leads into who killed SimmieWilliams, a 17-year-old gunned down while dressed like a woman in a part ofFort Lauderdale known for transvestite prostitution. Police are asking forhelp.

Fort Report
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-Crist, Rubio rivalry revived as both turn to health insurance
TALLAHASSEE - Gov. Charlie Crist is marching into the final days of thelegislative session hoping to bring home his one priority that can't fallvictim to state budget reductions.
His health insurance proposal doesn't cost the state a cent, which means itcan't be cut by bean counters frantically looking for savings. But the issuehas forced Crist into another staring contest with a familiar foe: HouseSpeaker Marco Rubio, R-West Miami.

-Reports don't tell whole story of child sex abuse
Records and experts reveal a different picture of perpetrators.
A man is accused of asking an 11-year-old girl to don "her little blackdress and her necklace" before taking her to an abandoned house in St. JohnsCounty where she is raped.

-Vacancies may help Crist reshape state's high court
Gov. Charlie Crist has said little about his pending opportunity to name astate Supreme Court justice -- the first of three vacant court seats heshould be able to fill over the next two years.,0,6589465.column

-Medicaid Cuts - This Is Going to Hurt
Lawmakers struggle with vitally needed programs that are too costly not tocut. Florida taxpayers keep Evelyn Williams alive by paying for kidney dialysis.

Broward: Rally - April 26th, 11am - 1pm
Make our Primary Votes Count as cast on January 29th
Come Join Us on Saturday, April 26th 11:00 am-1:00 pm
"Count the Florida Votes Rally" At the Seminole Tribal Auditorium
6300 Stirling Road Hollywood, FL 33024
on Saturday, April 26th, 11am - 1pm
Cost $10.00 per person pay at the door
Meet the Democratic Candidates For the offices of Broward County Sheriff,Florida Senator District 31, Supervisor of Elections. Lunch will beserved. There will be music and dancing with a DJ.


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