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Washington Post
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-Wildfires force evacuations in central Florida
Dry, windy weather fueled several wildfires on Florida's central Atlanticcoast Monday, damaging more than 50 homes and driving hundreds of residentsaway as the governor declared a state of emergency.

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-Obama plans Hollywood fundraiser during S. Florida swing
After months of virtually ignoring Florida, Barack Obama plans to come toHollywood to raise money on May 22 and to rally supporters in other parts ofSouth Florida.

Miami Herald
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-Letter: ANTHONY VERDUGO, founder and executive director, Christian FamilyCoalition, Miami
The May 7 letter Fighting gay rights asks what I would respond if mychildren asked what I did with my life. My children have asked me thisquestion, and I've answered that I lovingly work hard to protect and defendbasic human rights, social justice, human dignity and equality for allmembers of our community. What our opponents know all too well but refuse toacknowledge is that their domestic-partner proposal shamelesslydiscriminates against legitimate family members, both blood and legalrelatives, by banning them from health-insurance coverage. So who is denyinghealth insurance to whom? Isn't it ironic that our opponents cloakthemselves in the rhetoric of compassion, while their domestic-partnerordinance hatefully kicks legitimate family members to the curb? As for thephony hospital-visitation argument, it is deceitful of our opponents to saythe domestic-partner ordinance is needed so that people can visit a lovedone in the hospital, when they know the law allows us to designate anyone wechose to make medical decisions and visit us in the hospital if we areincapacitated? Unlike our opponents, I take to heart and teach my children the wise words of Dr. Martin Luther King: ''Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.'' That's why I've devoted my life as a labor of love to ourcommunity's children, poor and elderly and working families.

-Florida delegate drama nearing a finale
Instead of acting as swing voters in a history-making race, FloridaDemocrats are left nitpicking over how many activists will get to go toDenver in August.

From Dolphin Democrats

-Mark LaFontaine for Florida Statehouse District 92
Deerfield Beach, Oakland Park, Victoria Park, Poinsettia Heights, Pompano
Beach, Lazy Lake, Tamarac, North Lauderdale, Lauderdale Lakes, WiltonManors
Petition for get Mark on the Ballot. Please sign & return ASAP, thedeadline is Friday, May 16th

-Senator Barack Obama will be at the Diplomat in Hollywood on the evening ofThursday May 22. Don't miss this chance to see the Senator in our backyard.
Senator Obama will also be in Orlando on May 21. Both invitations areattached in PDF format. Contact rays.list@comcast.net for the invitations.

From Beverly Gallagher, Candidate For Broward School Board
For twenty years as a parent, community leader and teacher, I witnessed ourschool's challenge firsthand. I ran for the School Board promising to helpour schools make strides on school safety, teacher pay, reducingovercrowding, cutting bureaucracy and improving student performance. Ifulfilled that promise. I am running for re-election because there is moreto do. With the state slashing school spending, my record of watching howevery penny is spent and my leadership and expertise in getting our fairshare of dollars for the district is needed more than ever. That is why I amasking for your support for re-election to the School Board in District 2.
Having one of the fastest growing districts in Broward County has beenquite a challenge. I have met that challenge head on by making achievement apriority and delivering over $500 million dollars that directly helped ourstudents by building new schools, renovating older buildings to bring themup to date, and reducing overcrowding. Every single low-performing school inmy district has improved, with over 90 percent of district 2 schools nowscoring "A" or "B." I have consistently focused on student safety, bringinganti-drug programs, drug-sniffing dogs, and anti-bullying programs to ourschools. I will continue working on these issues while continuing to providestrong leadership to increase teachers' salaries and for more schoolconstruction.
As a successful School Board Chair, Legislative Chair for the FloridaSchool Board Association, and my many leadership roles as a longtime parentactivist, I have developed the expertise and knowledge of education funding,policies and procedures on many levels. That experience will be invaluableduring these challenging times in finding ways to get things done.
Serving on the School Board has been an honor for me. Being able to makea difference in the lives of children and positively impact our community isthe most important thing I will ever do. Please help me to continue my workfor our children. Please volunteer by contacting your friends, holding acoffee at your home or making a donation of $10, $25 or more to help me getmy message out.
I have already been endorsed by the:
· Broward Teachers Union, Education, Technical Support and Charter School Professionals
· The Broward Principals and Assistant Principals Association
· The Police Benevolent Association (PBA)
If you cannot volunteer at this time, it would be a privilege to addyour name to my list of endorsements. Please fill out the endorsement cardand return it to show your support for me in my re-election campaign for theSchool Board of Broward County, District 2. Thank you for all of yoursupport.
Phone: (954) 829-6621
Email: BevAGallagher@aol.com
Website: www.BevAGallagher.com
Home Address: 15830 NW 10th St Pembroke Pines, Fl 33028

Terry Hammond to present concert at Center for Spiritual Living - Science ofthe Mind, Wilton Manors
A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Piano - May 24, a Saturday - 8 pm
Contact rays.list@comcast.net for the details.

Fort Report
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-Know your Florida constitutional amendments
If you're a Florida voter, prepare for a workout Nov. 4.
Already you will help decide one of the most closely watched presidentialelections ever. And all 120 state House seats are up for election, plus halfof the 40-seat Senate. Not to mention local elections.

-Court finds balance in water controversy

-Crist declares state of emergency for Florida wildfires
Strong winds, low humidity stoking wildfires in South, Central FloridaGov. Charlie Crist on Monday declared a state of emergency for the next 60days while crews battle wildfires in Brevard, Volusia and Glades County.

-South Florida Democratic Hopefuls To Blast GOP
Former Sen. Skip Campbell will be among four Democratic candidates for theLegislature who plan to tee-off Tuesday on the Republican-led Legislaturefor what they describe as the "recent failed legislative session."

-Company fined over prison food
One of the two companies that feed state prisoners has racked up nearly$250,000 in fines since the beginning of the year for violations includingnot having enough food and staffing shortages.

-Nuclear expert foresees powerful rebound
Growing up on a farm in Missouri, the only kind of engineers Dale Klein knewof were the kind who worked on trains. Today, he's arguably one of the mostimportant and visible engineers in the country.

-State gets C+ on Nation's Report Card
In a national study that rates proficiency standards for the Nation's ReportCard, Florida tied for 12th place along with New Mexico, Rhode Island,Arkansas and New York.

-Higher education will feel deep budget pains next year
Fewer students, fewer professors and higher tuitions could be a hallmark ofFlorida's public universities next school year.


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