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New York Times
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-Rights group attacks Dutch immigration policy
A Dutch policy of forcing some would-be immigrants to pass a language andculture test before seeking a visa is discriminatory, Human Rights Watchsaid Thursday.

-California's top court to rule on gay marriage
Both sides in the gay marriage debate will be watching California's highestcourt Thursday to see if the nation's biggest state goes the way ofMassachusetts and legalizes same-sex marriage.

-New Math for November
This state is known for many things - good wine, the imperial branding ofthe Nike swoosh, a political culture that produces contrarians of bothparties - but ethnic diversity is not one of them. This state has anAfrican-American population of less than 2 percent.

-Italian Trial of C.I.A. Operatives Begins With Torture Testimony
A long-delayed trial of C.I.A. operatives and former top Italianintelligence officials moved forward here on Wednesday, as a judge ruledthat Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi could be called to testify about theabduction of a radical Muslim cleric here in 2003.

-Party's Rules Committee Has a Crucial Role in Clinton's Hopes
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's hopes for the presidential nomination mayin large part rest on an obscure Democratic National Committee panel, agroup of several allies, but not enough at this point to achieve her goal ofcounting the votes or delegates of Florida and Michigan.

-The Politics of the Lapel, When It Comes to Obama
It showed up on Monday, right there on his lapel, as he addressed veteransin West Virginia: a flag pin.

Washington Post
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-Rights group attacks Dutch immigration policy
A Dutch policy of forcing some would-be immigrants to pass a language andculture test before seeking a visa is discriminatory, Human Rights Watchsaid Thursday.

-Kinlow Exits Race for Shadow Senator, Still Gets Votes
Eugene Kinlow, outreach director for DC Vote, announced Monday night at theGertrude Stein Democratic Club endorsement meeting that he is dropping outof the race for shadow senator. He had just picked up his nominatingpetitions Friday.

-The Squeeze on the Middle East's Moderates
Watching the news from Lebanon, it's poignant to read the title of a newmemoir by Jordan's former foreign minister, Marwan Muasher, "The ArabCenter: The Promise of Moderation." The daily headlines tell us thatcentrist Arabs such as Muasher are becoming an endangered species.

-McCain: Iraq War Can Be Won By 2013
Sen. John McCain predicted today that the Iraq war would be won and mostAmerican troops would come home by 2013 if he is elected president, joininghis Democratic rivals for the first time in offering a timeline for alarge-scale military withdrawal.

Burma to Allow 160 Asian Aid Workers
As Visas Come Through, Flow of Aid Picks Up With 5 U.S. Planes DeliveringSupplies
Burmese military authorities have agreed to let 160 aid workers from fourAsian countries assist its struggling cyclone relief effort, aid officialssaid Wednesday, the government's first acknowledgment that it needs foreignexpertise.

-Gates: U.S. Should Engage Iran With Incentives, Pressure
The United States should construct a combination of incentives and pressureto engage Iran, and may have missed earlier opportunities to begin a usefuldialogue with Tehran, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said yesterday.

-U.S. Has Detained 2,500 Juveniles as Enemy Combatants
The United States has detained approximately 2,500 people younger than 18 asillegal enemy combatants in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay since 2002,according to a report filed by the Bush administration with the UnitedNations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

-Child Bomber Kills 23 In Iraq
Suicide Attack Targets Family Members of Fallujah Police Chief
A youthful suicide bomber killed at least 23 people Wednesday in an attackagainst relatives of Col. Faisal Ismail al-Zobaie, a U.S.-backed policechief and former insurgent who has turned against his onetime comrades.

-Is Clinton Right That She's the Stronger Candidate?
"I am in this race because I believe I am the strongest candidate. ... TheWhite House is won in the swing states and I am winning the swing states."
- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) during her victory speech Tuesday nightin West Virginia.

Miami Herald
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-LEBANON: Hezbollah in control
While international attention focused mostly on the disaster in Burma, alightning-quick coup reshaped the Middle East, handing yet another defeat toWashington and the West and a crucial victory to Iran: In the blink of aneye, the Islamic Republic of Iran conquered Lebanon.

-CAMPAIGN: Not going negative?
''We'd rather not win than to have to do that,'' Cindy McCain told AnnCurry of the Today show, in response to a question about negativecampaigning. ``That's not worth winning for. This is about being a leaderand a person that can be a good example for our children, and a good rolemodel. There's many, many, many more things to this job than just being thepresident. You are an example. You have to -- you have to be better thanthat. You have to be.''

-CAMPAIGN 2008 | U.S. & CUBA: Obama, McCain to offer contrasts on Cubapolicy
Barack Obama's first Florida campaign trip in nine months will address Cubapolicy in speech. The speech will follow one by John McCain on the samesubject.

Palm Beach Post
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-McCain to visit Miami, Fort Lauderdale next week
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain will visit SouthFlorida next week to discuss Cuba and Latin American trade issues and toraise money for his campaign.
McCain plans to speak in Miami on Tuesday morning and attend a fund-raiserat a private home in Fort Lauderdale that night, his campaign said.

Fort Report
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-NARAL Pro-Choice America backs Obama
Democrat Barack Obama has won the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice America, aleading abortion rights advocacy organization that has supported rivalHillary Rodham Clinton throughout her political career.

-Obama Plans Three Days of Campaigning in Florida Tour
Illinois Democrat is expected to make a sweep from Tampa to Miami-Dade.


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