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New York Times
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-Already, Obama and McCain Map Fall Strategies
Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are already drawing up strategies fortaking each other on in the general election, focusing on the same groups -including independent voters and Latinos - and about a dozen states wherethey think the contest is likely to be decided this fall, campaign aidessaid.

-Jenna Bush couldn't see herself getting married at the White Housesurrounded by antique furniture and oil portraits of presidents. She andHenry Hager said ''I do'' Saturday at President Bush's ranch in Crawfordwhere the corn is thigh-high, roads are named Cattle Drive and the Texasflag is painted on the rooftops of barns.

-Editorial: The Suffering of Soldiers
Several years into a pair of wars, the Department of Veterans Affairs isstruggling to cope with a task for which it was tragically unready: the careof soldiers who left Afghanistan and Iraq with an extra burden of braininjury and psychic anguish. The last thing they need is the toxic blend ofsecrecy, arrogance and heedlessness that helped to send many of them intoharm's way.

-Op-Ed Columnist: Call Your Mother
The ad popped up in my e-mail the way it always has: "1-800-Flowers:Mother's
Day Madness - 30 Tulips + FREE vase for just $39.99!"

-Op-Ed Contributor: Change We Can Stomach
COOKING, like farming, for all its down-home community spirit, isessentially a solitary craft. But lately it's feeling more like a lonelyburden. Finding guilt-free food for our menus - food that's clean, green andhumane - is about as easy as securing a housing loan. And we're suddenlypaying more - 75 percent more in the last six years - to stock our pantries.
Around the world, from Cairo to Port-au-Prince, increases in food priceshave governments facing riots born of shortages and hunger. It's enough tomake you want to toss in the toque.

-Embattled Israeli PM Gets Boost From Party
Top party members closed ranks behind Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert onSunday, praising his response to bribery suspicions that could force himfrom office and disrupt peace efforts with the Palestinians.

-Official Chosen by McCain to Run Convention Resigns
The public relations executive whom Senator John McCain's campaign hadchosen to run the Republican National Convention this summer resigned hispost on Saturday after a magazine reported that his firm had lobbied for themilitary junta that runs Myanmar.

-The Nation: In Dixie, Signs of a Rising Biracial Politics
Across the South, Barack Obama's smashing primary victory in North Carolinalast week reflects a new reality - a half-century of rising Republican redtide has crested, with signs of receding.

Washington Post
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-A Shaky Performance on Corrections
The Post's approach to corrections is not consistent: Some run promptly,others are resisted, a few go astray. And top editors are not looking fortrends in the statistics kept on corrections.

-New Allies In Asia?
China and Japan have been reliable enemies for a thousand years. Theirleaders have always been able to count on each other to stir nationalistanger and distract their followers from other problems by trading insults,threats or at times blows.

-Mr. Cool's Intensity
Barack Obama called himself an "imperfect messenger" in his victory speechin North Carolina last Tuesday. That was a refreshing touch of humility, butit was also a fact. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is farfrom perfect. But he has demonstrated the most mysterious and precious giftin politics, which is grace under pressure.

-The Price of Delay
Three days after last Tuesday's primaries seemingly tilted the Democratic presidential nomination decisively toward Barack Obama, the surprising factwas that almost half the party's senators had not announced a choice betweenhim and Hillary Clinton. Twenty-one of the 49 Democratic senators werepublicly silent as the last six primaries approached.

-Keeping New Mothers Alive
In Haiti and Rwanda, Reducing Tragedy in Childbirth

-Olympic Gag Order: Why should China's repression of free speech be imposedon athletes from the rest of the world?
WHEN BEIJING was bidding to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, part of its pitchwas that the games would help promote human rights in China, and theInternational Olympic Committee (IOC) bought it. But with the Aug. 8 openingceremonies less than three months away, it looks as if the reverse is thecase -- that China's repressive norms are affecting the rest of the world.

-DEMOCRACY RULES: The Race's Real Winner
In 1968, Hubert Humphrey won the Democratic nomination for president without entering, let alone winning, a single primary. This time around, BarackObama and Hillary Rodham Clinton will have entered 16 caucuses and 37primaries (39 if you include Michigan and Florida) by the time the contestcomes to its likely conclusion on June 3. Guam voters had more influence in2008 than New York state's voters did 40 years earlier.

-Justice Stevens contrasts lethal injection methods
Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens says the euthanized Kentucky Derbyhorse Eight Belles probably died more humanely than death row prisoners do.

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-Ex-manager says O.J. Simpson confessed to killing ex-wife
A memorabilia dealer who profited from O.J. Simpson for many years is thelatest former crony to write a tell-all book, this one alleging a groggySimpson, high on marijuana, confessed to killing his ex-wife after he wasacquitted.,0,853384.story

-Drugs, teens, pot are dangerous mix, study says
Depression, teens and marijuana are a dangerous mix that can lead todependency, mental illness or suicidal thoughts, according to a White Housereport being released Friday.,0,6248045.story

-Survey shows 5 in 6 don't know signs of stroke or correct response
Study urges more education
Quick quiz. Which of the following are warning signs of a stroke: Suddenconfusion, numbness, headache, blurred vision or chest pain?,0,3746218.story

Miami Herald
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For a day or so, it's the gayest place on earth
Gay Day, which started small in 1991, has now outgrown the park'sboundaries.

-Court makes a U-turn on voting rights

-BOLIVIA: Morales overplays his political hand
When Evo Morales won a dramatic victory at the polls in December 2005, hebecame one of the most significant Latin American political figures of thepresent era. His international presence and recognition has transcended byfar even the greatest Bolivian political figures of the 20th century such asVíctor Paz Estenssoro, who led the 1952 Revolution and was president ofBolivia on three separate occasions.

-Limbaugh: 'My impact will increase'
Conservatives are despondent, liberals are as enthused about a presidentialcandidate as they've been in 40 years, and the candidate he has long loathedwon the Republican nomination.


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