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Washington Post
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-Fla. to Consider Key Church-State Question
Funds Ban for Religious Groups at Issue
The potential repeal of a century-old Florida law barring state funding for religiously affiliated organizations is to be put before the voters therethis fall, at the end of a lobbying battle that has attracted the attentionof President Bush and has engaged a coalition of liberal or seculareducational groups.

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-Group kicks off free foreclosure counseling in Broward
Organization kicks off campaign in Broward
The money problems started when Eglon Garvey and his wife each had a heartattack.,0,1831715.story

-Ouch! South Florida's inflation rate outpacing nation
The nation's official inflation rate in April rose a slight 0.2 percent, butin South Florida, it sure doesn't feel that way.,0,4846536.story

-Study: Will rising ocean submerge part of South Florida?
Sebring - Polar bears and their melting habitat sent a wake-up call to South Florida water managers Wednesday. The same day the federal government added the polar bear to the endangeredspecies list because of global warming, South Florida water managers agreed to take a yearlong look at how melting ice could raise sea levels that could claim the southern part of the state.,0,7770419.story

-How you can save on your drug costs
Saving on medicine
Generics: Ask your doctor about switching from a brand-name drug to a lesscostly generic.
Mail: Consider three-month supplies through mail order.
Splitting: Ask your doctor whether you can buy pills at twice the dosageneeded and split them. It's often cheaper.,0,6288319.story

Miami Herald
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-Congress says No to windstorm relief
If Floridians have learned anything at all about windstorm insurance, it isthat the path to constructive change is slow and painful. That has certainlybeen the case at the state level, where legislators resistedconsumer-friendly improvements for years, until the argument for reformbecame too strong to resist. Apparently, much the same is taking place atthe national level.

Palm Beach Post
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-Florida Democrats should shun 'genocidal' Andrew Jackson, activist says
As the Florida Democratic Party prepares for its June 14 Jefferson-Jacksonfund-raising dinner in Hollywood, Boca Raton attorney-activist and onetimeDemocratic state Rep. Barry Silver is reviving his campaign to remove AndrewJackson's "genocidal" name from the event.

-Allstate loses appeal over state's policy ban
Allstate Companies can be suspended by the state from writing new carinsurance policies and other coverage for not turning over documents to thesatisfaction of regulators, an appeals court ruled today.

-U.S. high court to discuss Florida lethal injection case Thursday
The U.S. Supreme Court will meet Thursday to decide whether to lift the stayon the execution of Florida Death Row inmate Mark Schwab.

Fort Report
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-The Mounting Collateral Damage of No Child Left Behind
Those who are trying to stoke the presidential candidates' interest ineducation as an election issue aren't having much luck. Referring to NoChild Left Behind, Hillary has said "scrap it" at least three times. Obama'swebsite mentions "shortcomings in the design of the law." McCain favorsvouchers and accountability and Lisa Keegan who, as an Arizona statelegislator wrote laws both for vouchers and charters, has signed on as anadvisor. Other than that, they haven't said much.

-Get ready to dig deeper for home insurance
Floridians' bill for the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes is about to grow another$600-million.
The state catastrophe fund, which sells cheap reinsurance to insurers, needsto collect roughly 45 percent more than the $1.35-billion originallyestimated to pay claims.

MEMBERS-$20.00 - NON-MEMBERS-$25.00
WHEN - Sunday, MAY18TH, 2008 4pm-6pm
1430 NE 18th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304-1316
PARKING - Available at Bennett Elementary School
PAYMENT - Tickets may be purchased at the door, the day of the event.

Adriane Reesey, Democrat, for Broward County Supervisor of Elections invites
you to her campaign fund raiser:
Saturday May 17, 2008 Long Key Nature Center
3501 S.W. 130th Ave., Davie, FL
Janet Reno, Former US Attorney General
VIP Social - $250 - 4:00pm - 4:30pm (price includes reception)
Reception only - $100 - 4:30pm - 6:30pm
RSVPs please - 954-594-3363
Campaign web site:

Stop Florida from damaging another election. by Chris Chiari Campaign
Democrat for Florida State House
From the 2000 recount, to the debacle over delegates, Florida has a long,painful history of problems during election season. Who's to blame? TheRepublican-Led Florida Legislature. I am running against the Majority Whipof the Florida House - the very person that secured the votes that got usinto the latest delegate mess.
In the last term, my opponent:
- Voted for legislation that discredits evolution and opens the door tointelligent design in school curriculum.
- Violated a woman's right to privacy by voting to make an ultrasoundmandatory prior to exercising a woman's right to choose.
- Supported legislation criminalizing embryonic stem cell research
- Voted specifically to exclude mental and physical disabilities and sexual
orientation from enumerated categories of bullying in anti-bullyinglegislation.
- Voted to change Florida law to allow people to take their guns to work.
Chris Chiari Campaign's diary :: ::
We may not all be Florida Democrats, but we all know the story: Votersdisenfranchised and a primary in chaos. On top of that, back in January,2004, my opponent won the first election in America using black-box votingmachines. The result - a contested election and a judge, not voters,choosing the winner. It gets worse: She is also the Florida Co-Chair of theMcCain for Florida campaign. We may be a state in chaos. We may be aDemocratic party in chaos. but we will win in November. Help me remove akey member of the Florida Republican leadership: Click here to lend me yoursupport.
Chris Chiari Democrat for Florida State House


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