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-Fla. households using food stamps about three times the national average
'Economic tsunami' blamed as more working-poor households feel pinch,0,7961257.story

-Lake Okeechobee water level drops back under 10 feet
Lake Okeechobee's water level dipped back to single digits on Tuesday,another indication that South Florida's water supply continues to feel thestrain from the return of dry weather.,0,5687036.story

Miami Herald
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-108 fires raging in state, leveling homes
Authorities believe arsonists set fires that have damaged more than 100homes in coastal communities in Brevard County -- just part of 108 firesburning across Florida.

-CHARITY: Churches, synagogues feel economic pinch
Layoffs and increased strain on outreach programs are plaguing South Floridareligious institutions in a tough economy.

Fort Report
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-EDITORIAL: Our position: Requiring potential voters to show proof ofcitizenship discourages voting
It appears that Missouri is taking its reputation as the "Show Me" state fartoo seriously.,0,1845246.story

-EDITORIAL: Our position: Commuter rail's benefits can extend far beyondCentral Florida
Opponents of Central Florida's commuter-rail project -- the Tampa contingentthat wants rail there, not here; the Lakeland lawmaker who believes it can'tbenefit her constituents; the trial attorneys who don't want mass transitunless there's a clear path for them to win huge judgments from accidents --continue to cheer the setback it suffered in the Legislature.,0,1320957.story

Elect Anthony Niedwiecki to Oakland Park City Commission - Seat #4

-At last Wednesday's Oakland Park's commission meeting, I became aware of anissue that affects so many families in our city. During a discussion aboutpossibly limiting short term rentals, I discovered that single family homeswere limited to no more than three unrelated people living together.
Specifically, the city's code says that single family homes cannot include"more than three (3) individuals unrelated by blood, marriage, or adoption."
I have been with my partner, Waymon Hudson, for six years. We received acivil union in Vermont almost five years ago and are registered domesticpartners here in Broward County. We also recently had a foster son livewith us, who is a part of our family that still comes home to visit usregularly from college. Yet, if we had two foster children in our home atthe same time, we would have been violating the law! That is wrong. I amafraid that there are so many other unmarried couples (both straight andgay) with children who are violating Oakland Park's law. There also areother families that are not related by blood or marriage that violate thisordinance, including seniors who live with and support each other. In fact,under this law the Golden Girls would be prevented from living in a singlefamily home in Oakland Park! This law is outdated and needs to be changed.
A few cities across the country have already changed their laws, and OaklandPark could be a leader here in South Florida. This is an issue all citiesneed to look closely at and change. We should be strengthening ourfamilies, not creating more legal hurdles for them. The reality is that ourfamilies and households come in every shape and size, and they all need tobe respected and protected. Last week I asked the city to modernize thisordinance to reflect the wonderfully diverse nature of our city. I am verypleased that Commissioner Boisvenue had the issue placed on the May 21, 2008city commission agenda. Please help me in changing this ordinance bysending an email to the commissioners or making a statement at the May 21stmeeting. Anybody may speak for up to four minutes during the publiccomments portion of the meeting. I know we all appreciate when the citytakes actions that make our community more inclusive and welcoming, andchanging this ordinance is another step in that direction.
May 21, 2008- 6:30 pm
Oakland Park City Hall
3650 NE 12 Avenue
Oakland Park, Florida 33334

From Mark's List
Aqua Girl's First Co-Ed Party
We know you girls are already aware of how much fun Aqua Girl is. But whatyou guys don't know is that the events are as spectacular as any circuitparty. And in this case you're being offered an opportunity to help supportthe Aqua Foundation and give back to the girls, the same way they havesupported men's events and charities over the years. So come on out Sundayand party with the girls at the first ever co-ed Aqua Girl event, Aqua BeachBall Tea, starring DJs Tracy Young and Kidd Madonny along with a specialperformance by Diva Joi Cardwell.

From Kristin Jacobs
County Commission News - Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Expo
I'm wishing for a Hurricane free year! However, just in case . . . Ithought you might be interested in attending this year's Hurricane Expo atBroward County's Emergency Operations Center in Plantation. The event isscheduled for Saturday, May 31 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Read more about it,along with the location and directions in the Press Release below.

The 2008 Hurricane Season begins on June 1 and now is the time to reviewyour supplies and make sure you have a hurricane plan. For completeinformation on shelter locations, evacuation routes as well as a list ofgenerator equipped grocery stores and gas stations which are generatorready, go to: . Additionally, Broward Countyproperty owners will be receiving the County's 2008 Hurricane PreparednessGuide in the mail within the next two or three weeks. Broward CountyHurricane Preparedness Expo A family-friendly event to help residentsprepare for 2008 Hurricane Season

Broward County will host its third annual Hurricane Preparedness Expo
Saturday, May 31, at the Broward County Emergency Operations Center (EOC),201 N.W. 84 Avenue, Plantation, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free andopen to the public. More than 40 county agencies and communityorganizations will display and distribute hurricane preparedness material atthis fun and informative event for the entire family. In addition toexhibits, the event will also feature: educational demonstrations andpresentations throughout the day - Tours of the Broward County EOC, theCounty's nerve center during hurricanes and other emergenciesdisplays of emergency response vehicles - activities and goody bags for thechildren.
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