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New York Times
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-China: 'No Hope' for Children Buried in Earthquake
The children who were considered fortunate escaped with a broken bone or asevered limb. The others, hundreds of them, were carried out to be buried,and their remaining classmates lay crushed beneath the rubble of theschoolhouse.

-Editorial: The Myth of Voter Fraud
Missouri and at least 19 other states are considering passing laws thatwould force people to prove their citizenship before they can vote. Thesebills are not a sincere effort to prevent noncitizens from voting; that is amade-up problem. The real aim is to reduce turnout by eligible voters.
Republicans seem to think that laws of this kind will help them winelections, but burdensome rules like these - and others cropping up aroundthe country - pose a serious threat to democracy and should be stopped.

-Op-Ed Columnist: Here Come the Millennials
An important aspect of the presidential race so far has been the
generational divide, with Barack Obama doing very well with younger votersand Hillary Clinton drawing strong support from those who are older. Asimilar split can be expected in a general election race between SenatorObama and John McCain.

-Op-Ed Columnist: The Neural Buddhists
In 1996, Tom Wolfe wrote a brilliant essay called "Sorry, but Your Soul JustDied," in which he captured the militant materialism of some modernscientists.

-Op-Ed Contributor: A Two-for-One Campaign
THE competition for the Democratic presidential nomination between HillaryClinton and Barack Obama has been long and intense. The news media havegiven it round-the-clock coverage, including seemingly round-the-clockdebates between the two candidates. The campaign has been good not only forthe Democratic Party but also for America. It has made millions of votersexcited about selecting our next president.

-Nissan Plans Electric Car in U.S. by '10
The Nissan Motor Company plans to sell an electric car in the United Statesand Japan by 2010, raising the stakes in the race to develop environmentallyfriendly vehicles.

-Confronting Questions, Obama Assures Jews of His Support
Faced with doubts about his support for Israel and American Jews, SenatorBarack Obama has stepped up his efforts to reach out to the Jewish communityover the past month, giving speeches and granting interviews to confrontquestions about the militant Palestinian group Hamas and his commitment toJewish causes and values.

Washington Post
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-U.S. Outlook Is Worst Since '92, Poll Finds
Results Give Democrats Edge
Americans are gloomier about the direction of the country than they havebeen at any point in 15 years, and Democrats hold their biggest advantagesince early 1993 as the party better able to deal with the nation's mainproblems, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

-Post-Crucible Clinton
Hillary Clinton still has a lot to win this year, but not the presidency andnot the vice presidency.

-Inauspicious Visit
President Bush's tour of the Middle East is timed to highlight his failures.
THE OCCASION of Israel's 60th-anniversary celebrations has drawn PresidentBush into a Middle East trip he would be better off not taking. Rather thanconsolidating achievements or clearing a path for his successor, thepresident's tour of Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will serve to illustratehow much has gone wrong in the region for the United States on his watch --and how unlikely he is to reverse the tide in his final months. In Israel,Mr. Bush will face the crumbling Israeli-Palestinian peace process heattempted to launch last year; in Saudi Arabia, he will find a regime thathas been deaf to his pleas to help with soaring oil prices or support theIraqi government. In Egypt, Mr. Bush will meet a ruler, Hosni Mubarak, whonot only defied the president's "freedom agenda" but also forced theadministration to retreat to its old policy of backing corrupt autocracies.

-Racist Incidents Give Some Obama Campaigners Pause
Danielle Ross was alone in an empty room at the Obama campaign headquartersin Kokomo, Ind., a cellphone in one hand, a voter call list in the other.
She was stretched out on the carpeted floor wearing laceless sky-blueConverses, stories from the trail on her mind. It was the day beforeIndiana's primary, and she had just been chased by dogs while canvassing ina Kokomo suburb. But that was not the worst thing to occur since shepostponed her sophomore year at Middle Tennessee State University, in partto hopscotch America stumping for Barack Obama.

-Study Says Foreigners In U.S. Adapt Quickly
Immigrants of the past quarter-century have been assimilating in the UnitedStates at a notably faster rate than did previous generations, according toa study released today.

-A Spoiler, by Way of the Dairy Case
In his career in public service, Bob Barr has performed many importantroles.
As a Republican candidate for the House in 1994, he rose to nationalattention when reports alleged that he had licked whipped cream off thebreasts of two women at a charity event.

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-Clinton poised for W.Va. win; Obama looks ahead
Hillary Rodham Clinton had every reason to expect a big victory as voterscast ballots Tuesday in the West Virginia Democratic primary and little hopeit would alter the presidential race with front-runner Barack Obama alreadyfocusing on the general election.

Miami Herald
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-BUSH ADMINISTRATION: Keeping too many secrets
The Bush administration recently announced that it will allow select membersof Congress to read Justice Department legal opinions about the CIA'scontroversial detainee interrogation program that have been hidden fromCongress until now. But as the administration allows a glimpse of thissecret law -- and it is law -- we are left wondering what other laws it isstill keeping under lock and key.

-Americans mangle foreign names
In the delicate world of diplomatic protocol, mispronouncing a foreignleader's name ranks among the worst of faux pas. But that is lost on manyAmericans.

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