Sunday, May 18, 2008


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Condo crunch in S. Florida good news for bargain hunters
Real estate bust is big boon for foreign buyers
The glut of condominiums for sale in South Florida is attracting a legion of bargain hunters. Out-of-state and international buyers are descending on the area in search of deep discounts as prices continue to crater. They want to get in now and wait out the housing slump because they think the region remains a powerful long-term draw. With the lingering real estate downturn, now in its third year, some condos are selling at 25 to 60 percent less than during the boom times, when investors hoping to "flip" units bid up prices.,0,2844854.story

-Florida legislation gives welcome uniformity to anti-bullying efforts
ISSUE: Legislature helps anti-bullying efforts.
The bully is still a fearsome force in schools and, increasingly, in cyberspace. And there may never come a day when the behavior is totally eradicated. But no longer is bullying an accepted ingredient of adolescent experience. Columbine took care of that, and in the violence that has followed since, society has finally come to grips with the lasting, devastating effects bullying can have, whether victims suffer in silence or act on their pent-up rage. Schools throughout the nation are increasingly addressing the need to empower students to recognize, report and prevent harassment, and get to its root cause, making anti-bullying initiatives the sexy new "just say no" campaign of the 21st century. Count school districts in Broward and Palm Beach counties among the local leaders trying to rid their schools of bullying through awareness programs, mental health counseling and other initiatives. But uniformity has been a key weakness.
Florida is one of many states that lack a statewide standard for defining and confronting bullying.,0,5465229.story


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