Thursday, May 22, 2008


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New York Times
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-Many Florida Jews Express Doubts on Obama
At the Aberdeen Golf and Country Club on Sunday, the fountains wereburbling, the man-made lakes were shining, and Shirley Weitz and RuthGrossman were debating why Jews in this gated neighborhood of airyretirement homes feel so much trepidation about Senator Barack Obama.

-New Florida Law Allows Low-Cost Health Policies
With considerable fanfare, Gov. Charlie Crist traveled the length of hisstate on Wednesday to sign a bill aimed at providing low-cost healthcoverage to the uninsured by allowing the sale of stripped-down insurancepolicies.

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-Newsweek says our schools are pretty good
ISSUE: Six area schools in Newsweek top 100.
Maybe things aren't quite as bad with Florida schools as most people think.,0,6204603.story

Miami Herald
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-Clinton in Boca: Count Florida's votes
In a late-game visit to Florida, with her campaign running on politicalfumes, Sen. Hillary Clinton warned Wednesday that if votes from Florida andMichigan are not counted the Democratic Party will pay the price in theNovember election.

-Obama rallies raucous crowd in Tampa
How does a presidential candidate make up for snubbing, disparaging andbeing downright rude to the nation's largest battleground state for ninelong months?

-EDUCATION: Broward third-graders lift FCAT reading scores
Despite overall gains, more than 3,000 Broward kids face returning to thirdgrade after failing the FCAT reading section

-THIRD-GRADE FCAT TESTS: 5,820 Dade students could fail third grade
Although scores improved, up to 5,820 Miami-Dade students may not bepromoted because they failed the test

-Dade School Board votes not to cut top salaries
Members of the Miami-Dade School Board early Thursday rejected a proposal tocut the salaries of the district's administrators.
The 5-4 vote came after 2:30 a.m.


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