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GLBT DIGEST May 21, 2008

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New York Times
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-A Jihad for Love (2007)
Torn by the Contradictions of Being Gay and Muslim
Sad to say, "A Jihad for Love" is not a sequel to the pornographic satire"The Raspberry Reich" (2004), in which pseudo-revolutionaries exhort theircomely comrades to "join the homosexual intifada!" It is, rather morearduously, a dispatch from the outer limits of marginalization: adocumentary on devout Muslims struggling with their homosexuality.

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-Van Sant keeps creative balance with 'Paranoid Park'
Van Sant himself views Paranoid Park as a transitional film, moving him onceagain toward the mainstream. The director is currently shooting Milk, abiography of openly gay San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, who wasgunned down by a disgruntled ex-supervisor in 1978. The biopic, due to openthrough Focus Features next year, stars Sean Penn as the title character,with a supporting cast featuring Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin and James Franco.
It is almost certain to guarantee him safe passage back into the realm ofthe commercial.,0,744370.story

Miami Herald
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Dade approves domestic-partner benefits
A County Commission vote gives unmarried couples -- gay or straight -- theright to visit partners in jail or the hospital.

-Jamaica PM criticized for comment about gays
Gay activists in Jamaica condemned the prime minister on Tuesday for sayinghe would not allow gays in his Cabinet.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding told BBC television he has the right to makethat decision and to form a Cabinet that represents the Jamaican people.

-RICK KUSHMAN: How TV can reflect society's tolerance
If you want a sense of the kind of open-mindedness you can see on network TVthese days, ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" is a good place to start.

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-Federal Anti-Gay Amendment Returns In Wake Of Calif. Ruling
Republican Congressman Paul Broun has announced plans to reintroduce anamendment to the US Constitution to bar same-sex marriage.

-Gay Servicemembers Warned About Calif. Same-Sex Marriages
An organization that advocates for gays in the military is warningservicemembers that if they take advantage same-sex marriage in Californiathey risk being drummed out of the armed services.

-Gay Iran Teen Wins UK Asylum
Britain has announced that it is granting asylum to a gay Iranian teenagerwho fears that he could face execution if forced to return to his homeland.

-Gay Man Elected Portland, Oregon Mayor
Portland, Oregon City Commissioner Sam Adams had little difficulty winningPortland's mayoral race Tuesday, becoming the first openly gay mayor everelected to lead one of the 30 largest U.S. cities.

-Obama Readying Team For General Election
Barack Obama is quietly planning to take over the Democratic NationalCommittee and assemble a multistate team for the general election, thelatest sign that he is putting rival Hillary Rodham Clinton and thenomination fight behind him.

-Obama Moves To Brink Of Nomination
Barack Obama stepped to the brink of victory in the Democratic presidentialrace Tuesday night, defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Oregon primaryand moving within 100 delegates of the total needed to claim the prize atthe party convention this summer.

-Report: Anti-LGBT Violence Up 24%
A report released Tuesday shows that violent attacks on members of the LGBTcommunity nationwide grew by 24 percent in 2007 over the previous year.

-Judge Reopens Student Gay Club Lawsuit
A federal judge has reopened a lawsuit that seeks to allow the establishmentof a Gay-Straight Alliance at Okeechobee High School.

-Civil Unions Come Into Effect In Australian Capital Territory
Same-sex couples began arriving at the Registrar General's office Tuesday asthe civil union law in the Australian Capital Territory came into effect.

Express Gay News
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-Md. high court ends child visitation for lesbian
Ruling could be 'disastrous' for same-sex couples
Eight months after it ruled against same-sex marriage, Maryland's high courthas dealt gay residents another blow.

-New law aims to stop schoolyard bullying of gays
Maryland becomes 11th state to enact such a measure
Stephanie Kreps says some people are surprised to learn the extent to whichgay students are bullied in Montgomery County schools.

-UK: Gay bar row over 'straight' sign
A complaint has been made to police over a banner declaring a former gay barin Sunderland city centre has now gone "straight".

-SMYAL loses grant money, staff
D.C. gay youth group remains committed to programs
The Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (SMYAL) is facing financialsetbacks and staff turnover, prompting some of those familiar with theorganization to conclude that it no longer has adequate resources to conductits mission.

-Calif. Assembly passes bill marking Harvey Milk's birthday
With Senate approval, May 22 would become day of significanceThe California Assembly passed a bill Monday marking the birthday of thelate pioneering gay politician Harvey Milk.

-Ex-Gay Torture Chambers In Ecuador
Andrés Duque at Babbleando has provided some valuable translations from twonewspaper articles from Ecuador chronicling ex-gay and ex-transgenderministries in that country. According to El Universo, there are more than140 such unlicensed treatment centers operating throughout Ecuador.
Operating under the guise of alcohol and drug rehab centers, theseministries engage in barbaric practices which are nothing short of torture.
One transgender "client" describes her experience:

The Advocate
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-Portland, Ore., Becomes Largest U.S. City With Gay Mayor
Portland, Ore., is now the largest U.S. city with an openly gay mayor withthe election Tuesday of city commissioner Sam Adams to the post. Themayor-elect avoids a November runoff race by having won 58% of the vote,according to the Associated Press.

-Jamaican Prime Minister Criticized For Comment About Gays
Gay activists in Jamaica condemned the prime minister on Tuesday for sayinghe would not allow gays in his Cabinet.

-Wedding Jitters
Will the California supreme court decision legalizing same-sex marriagebecome a wedge issue in this year's presidential race, just as the similarMassachusetts ruling did in 2004? Lambda Legal attorney Robert Schulzeexamines the positions Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain havetaken regarding the federal Defense of Marriage Act and how it might allplay out this fall.

-Ready Or Not, LGBT Clinton Supporters Move Toward Obama
As many diehard LGBT Clinton fans conclude that Hillary's bid is over, aboutto be over, or should be over, they are making peace with an Obamanomination.
While the 2008 presidential election long ago deflated confidence inpredictions, many observers agree that one thing seems reasonably clear nowas the long, competitive Democratic primary season draws to a close: HillaryClinton's window is closing fast if it hasn't already shut.

National Gay News,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
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-Lawyer Who Accused National Gay News Found Guilty of Bar Violations
The Broward Review reported this morning that Jack Thompson, the CoralGables lawyer who accused the National Gay site last year of beinga porn-to-kids publication, and charged Publisher Norm Kent with illegallydistributing pornography, has been found guilty of numerous Florida Bar ruleviolations- including fraud and deceit- by his trial judge. He will besentenced by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida on June 4, 2008.

-Concerned Women of America Insult Ellen's Gay Wedding
In the aftermath of California's historic Supreme Court ruling on gaymarriage, talk show host Ellen Degeneres announced to a packed studioaudience of her daytime gab fest that she would, at long last, marry herlongtime partner Portia De Rossi.

-Schwules Museum / Gay Museum
Berlin's Schwules Museum, established in the late 1980s, is a privateinstitution dedicated to preserving, exhibiting, and discovering homosexualhistory, art, and culture. Located in the Kreuzberg district of former WestBerlin, long the center of gay life in the city, the museum is composed ofthree main divisions: archives, library, and exhibitions.

-Lenore Troia and Laura Wood Hosts Benefit in Key West For Christina'sCourage
Key West's own Lenore Troia and New England's Laura Wood will perform at awomen's dance party to benefit Christina's Courage on Saturday, May 24, 2008at Pearl's Rainbow. The hotel for women is eager to support Christina'sCourage, which is a new center that provides medical care for victims ofsexual abuse.

-Rowe in the Running For Gay Athlete of the Year
Triathlete Kate Rowe is one of three finalists in the Athlete of the Yearcompetition held by American GLBT sporting publication Sports Out Loud. As aboard member for the Federation of Gay Games, champion triathlete andgeneral advocate for the sporting way of life, Rowe says that winning thetitle would not just be an accolade for her, but for alternative lifestyleswithin the GLBT community. It was the 1994 Gay Games that reinvigorated Rowe's
passion for sport.

-Former Rep. Bob Allen Challenges Conviction on Soliciting Prostitute
A former Republican lawmaker will be in court to challenge his conviction onsoliciting a prostitute in central Florida. Bob Allen's lawyers are expectedto ask a panel of three Brevard County Circuit Court judges Wednesday tothrow out his conviction on grounds that he didn't get a fair trial.
Authorities say Allen agreed to pay $20 to perform oral sex on an undercoverpolice officer in a men's restroom at a Titusville park last year. Allenmaintains his innocence.

-No Runoff Adams is Portland's Next Mayor
Sam Adams, a child of poverty, an openly gay man and a self-professed policywonk, will be Portland's next mayor. The city commissioner soundly defeated12 other candidates Tuesday to assume the top office in the city and one ofthe tallest bully pulpits in the Pacific Northwest. He captured 58 percentof the vote to avoid a November runoff against travel agency owner ShoDozono. Adams, 44, won by stressing specifics: He promised to work withschool leaders to cut the dropout rate, make Portland a leader inenvironmentally friendly businesses and use the Portland Streetcar andbetter planning to spur urban renewal.

-Delhi HC to Take Up PIL on Gay Rights
In a tony neighbourhood in Andheri, Rahul, a 25-year-old IT professional,shares an apartment with Brian (27), who works at a multi-national bank. Forthe last two years, their landlord and neighbours know them as perfectroommates, but to friends and a few family members they are a gay couple. Ina country where homosexual acts are punishable with life imprisonment, fewlike Rahul and Brian manage to make a home for themselves. A public interestlitigation being heard in Delhi HC this week seeking to decriminalisehomosexuality is being watc-hed with bated breaths by the lesbian and gaycommunity.

-Minnesota Governor Veto's Domestic Partner Benefits
Advocates for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender Minnesotans arespeaking out against Gov. Tim Pawlenty's veto of a domestic partner bill. Itwould have allowed local governments to offer domestic partner benefits,such as health care and dental insurance, to their employees. OutFrontMinnesota Policy Director, Monica Meyer, says the measure passed the Houseand Senate with bi-partisan support.

-Hate Crimes Against GLBT People Up 133%
Violent crimes against Michiganders because of their sexual orientationjumped 133% last year, according to a report released today by theDetroit-based Triangle Foundation. In 2007, there were 226 reported casesinvolving violence or violent threats against gay, lesbian, bisexual, ortransgendered people, the report said. Out of those cases, two were murders,46 were assaults and 101 of them involved intimidation or harassment, thereport said. There were 97 reported incidents in 2006.

-President Plans to Kill Off Every Single Homosexual
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh says he will "cut off the head" of anyhomosexual caught in his country. Addressing supporters at the end of hismeet the farmers tour here Sunday, Jammeh also ordered any hotel or motelhousing homosexuals to close down, adding that owners of such facilitieswould also be in trouble.

-Miami-Dade Approves Domestic-Partner Benefits
Unmarried couples in Miami-Dade won the right to hospital and jailvisitation on Tuesday, following an 8-4 vote by the County Commission, andcounty employees will be able to buy health coverage for their partners.
Couples will be able to register their partnerships with the county'sConsumer Services Department by late August. The system is open tounmarried, nonrelated couples -- gay or straight -- who are at least 18 andlive together. ''It's a matter of compassion, a matter of correcting aninjustice, a matter of moving forward as a progressive county,'' saidCommissioner Katy Sorenson.

-Coming to Grips With Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Pastor Gregory L. Waybright struggled from the pulpit Sunday to reconcilethe laws of God with the laws of man. Though he wanted his church "to be awelcoming and loving house," he told worshipers at Lake Avenue Church inPasadena, the California Supreme Court's decision last week to legalize gaymarriage in California "is a contradiction of what God's word says."

Marriage Equality News
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-California Gay Marriage Decision and McCain's Campaign
In the wake of the California Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling, religiousright organizations from coast to coast are whipping out their "activistjudges" talking points and launching campaigns to make gay marriageunconstitutional at the state and federal level. Even before the decisioncame down, the straight-talking John McCain was, as Jeffrey Toobin put it,blowing "a dog whistle for the right" -- employing carefully coded languagein a speech about the evils of judges making decisions the right disagreeswith. The dogs started barking immediately.

-What Happened to the Evangelical Manifesto?
Remember the Evangelical Manifesto -- just two weeks old now -- and its aimto fight the stereotype that all evangelicals are singularly obsessed withabortion and gay marriage? The outcry over the California Supreme Court'sdecision, though, demonstrated that, in many evangelical quarters, opposinggay marriage remains a central political goal. Even The Rev. SamuelRodriguez, one of the original signers of the Manifesto, was among the firstto condemn the California decision. Rodriguez's California-based NationalHispanic Christian Leadership Conference, claims to represent 18,000congregations and 15 million Hispanic evangelicals and is at the forefrontof advocating for a federal constitutional ban on gay marriage. Rodriguezhimself serves as an advisory board member to the Alliance for Marriage,which calls on both parties to include a plank in their platforms advocatingfor a federal gay marriage ban. Rodriguez, who has been critical of thereligious right for its divisive political rhetoric, nonetheless blames gaymarriage for many of America's social ills. "For several decades, Americahas been wandering in a wilderness of social problems caused by familydisintegration. Tragically, as bad as our current situation may be, today'sdecision by the Court can only make the situation dramatically worse."

-An organization that advocates for gays in the military is warningservicemembers that if they take advantage same-sex marriage in Californiathey risk being drummed out of the armed services. Last week the CaliforniaSupreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the same fundamental right tomarry as heterosexual couples under the California State Constitution. Butthe Servicemembers Legal Defense Network says that under "Don't Ask, Don'tTell" members of the military face dismissal if they marry a person of thesame sex.

-Republican Congressman Paul Broun (pictured) has announced plans toreintroduce an amendment to the US Constitution to bar same-sex marriage.
Broun (R-Ga) said the California Supreme Court ruling recognizing same-sexmarriage has made it an imperative to reign in what he called "activistjudges". [...] Republicans have been trying to amend the Constitution since 2004, as a result of; the Massachusetts high court ruling that legalized gay marriage there. Despite GOP control of Congress and support from President Bush, a proposed amendment failed to garner enough votes to succeed in either 2004 or 2006.

-[Editor's note: Jasmyne Cannick here continues her criticism of LGBTmarriage equality organizations for inadequate recognition that AfricanAmerican support for marriage equality requires reciprocity on matters ofinterest to African Americans.] As The Times' story "Coming to grips withsame-sex marriage ruling" shows, with the mainstream media, there seems tobe no real interest in thinking outside the box that has been drawn for themby certain gay groups. That is why we see the same faces and hear the samevoices on all things gay. The same organizations are looked to as theauthoritative representation of the gay community similar to the way thatRev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson are looked to when blacks are upset.
And even though Los Angeles is home to a plethora of respected black clergythat is affirming of lesbians and gays -- including Agape InternationalSpiritual Center's Rev. Michael Beckwith, Rev. Eric Lee of the SouthernChristian Leadership Conference of Greater Los Angeles and civil rights iconRev. James Lawson -- those voices are almost never chosen to represent thevoice of reason and African Americans on gay issues. No, we've got to beportrayed as being negative, helping to fuel the notion that blacks arehomophobic.

-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger hopes gay marriage will become an economic boonin California.
In the wake of the state Supreme Court's recent legalization of gaymarriage, the Republican governor said Tuesday in San Francisco he wants gaycouples to flock to California for wedded bliss.
"You know, I'm wishing everyone good luck with their marriages and I hopethat California's economy is booming because everyone is going to come hereand get married," said Schwarzenegger, prompting laughs and applause.

-San Diego County Clerk Gregory Smith said Tuesday that he is consideringexcusing clerks who have a personal objection to same-sex marriages fromofficiating at the ceremonies. [...] Smith said he met Tuesday with hisclerks and told them they have until the end of the month to discuss anyreligious or moral objections they may have. He said they would be given theopportunity to discuss the matter privately with county human resourcesofficials. Last week, Smith made similar comments to the Los Angeles Times.
Those comments prompted criticism from Los Angeles City Attorney RockyDelgadillo, who wrote a letter to Secretary of State Debra Bowen. "It is myopinion that county clerks have no legal standing to grant county employeesthe authority or ability to choose which marriages they wish not toofficiate at, based on their personal views or biases," Delgadillo wrote inthe letter to Bowen dated Monday.

Pink News - UK
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-Poland seen as "a country of homophobes and Teletubbies specialists"
The Prime Minister of Poland has spoken out about his country's image abroadunder the Presidency of Lech Kaczynski. Last week Human Rights Watchinducted the President into their annual "Hall of Shame."

-MEPs demand comprehensive discrimination legislation
The European Parliament yesterday voted to adopt a report by a West MidlandsMEP calling for protection for gay and lesbian people from discrimination.

-MPs clash over fathers, lesbians, and what people in the pub think isnatural
In the Commons yesterday afternoon former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smithproposed an amendment to retain the requirement for doctors to consider theneed for a father when assessing women for fertility treatment.

-MPs vote to abolish 'need for a father'
The House of Commons has voted to remove the requirement for doctors toconsider the need for a father when assessing women for ferility treatments.

-Danes protest against gay hate music on
Online music stores are selling so-called Murder Music despite protests fromgay rights activists. Martin Adelskov complained to after coming across hate-filled content.

-Handbook on transgender children released
For parents and professionals alike, raising a transgender child can beconfusing and challenging. A new book published in the US tackles the issuesthousands of families face.

Forwarded from Euro-Queer
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New Delhi High Court Hears Case Against Sodomy Law
Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) penalizes "voluntary carnalintercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal."
Punishment includes 10 years to life in prison and/or a fine. Part ofBritish colonial law enacted in the 1860s, Section 377 was intended tocriminalize "all unnatural acts ranging from consensual same-sex sexualactivity between adults, or even oral sex between a married heterosexualcouple, are offenses, though the pervasive homophobia in our [Indian]society ensures that only the first is ever prosecuted."1

-The international spotlight has again been turned on Jamaica and thecontroversial issue of homophobia.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding who is in the United Kingdom (UK) on anofficial visit was grilled on the topic when he appeared on the top-ratedBBC television talk show "Hard Talk" Monday night. Mr. Golding wasquestioned about Jamaica's reputation of being the most homophobic countryin the world and the administration' s response to the matter. He made itclear that while each Jamaican should have the right to privacy and equalitybefore the law, the Government would not bow to international pressure forthe recognition of gay rights. "Jamaica is not going allow values to beimposed on it from outside. We're going to have to determine that ourselvesand we're going to have to determine to what extent those values will adaptover time to change, change in perception, change in understanding as to howpeople live." Mr. Golding said Jamaica's standards and morals will bedefined or determined by lobby groups that are far away from Jamaica. Nohomosexuals in the House Questioned about statements he made in the pastthat homosexuals would not be allowed to serve in his Cabinet, Mr. Goldinginsisted that he would not change that view. "That's a decision that I made... that every Prime Minister makes. A Prime Minister must decide what hefeels will represent to the Jamaican people a Cabinet of Ministers who willbe able to discharge their responsibilities without fear, without favour,without intimidation. That's a choice that I had and I made that choice,"said Prime Minister Goldin. Mr. Golding who is on a one-week visit to the UKis to meet with Prime Minister Gordon Brown Tuesday. He is scheduled toreturn to Jamaica on Sunday.

-"Intergroup welcomes Mehdi Kazemi´s asylum in the UK."
19 years old gay Iranian Mehdi Kazemi has been granted asylum in the UK. TheLGBT Intergroup congratulates Mehdi and wishes him a happy life in Europe.
"I wish to congratulate The Home Office and Government of the United Kingdomon the decision that I always knew in my heart they would take," saidMichael Cashman, President of the Intergroup. "Mehdi´s case[1] clearly showsthat NGOs and governments must work together to ensure that LGBT people areproperly protected and dealt with in asylum cases."

Forwarded from Gays Without Borders
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-In the name of Moscow Pride Organizing Committee I would like to thank allof you in Mexico, Chicago, San Francisco and New York for taking part insolidarity actions with Moscow Pride and Russian LGBT community. It was veryimportant for us here in Russia. Only together we can change things in thisworld and get respect for who we are. Once again thank you all and youshould know that you can always rely on us here in Moscow for solidarity.
Nikolai Alekseev - GayRussia.Ru

-I wanted to share with you this link to our coverage of our action in frontof the Russian Embassy in Mexico City yesterday. It was a wonderfulcommunity event, and the president of Mexico City Pride and other prominentlocal activists gave official statements of solidarity with the Community inRussia, and we delivered our letter to the Vice-Consul who came out toreceive it. (we were not allowed to enter at all actually). Many media inMexico City and some international newsagencies covered the activity, andrepresentatives of 9 local LGBT organisations and groups were present. Incontinuation, Enkidu Magazine, Musas de Metal and Grupo Palomilla Gay had ameeting with ILGA-LAC where we discussed the possibility for futureactivities in solidarity with Rusia, Belarus and Poland both on NationalMexican level and on the Latin American Level. This link takes you to ourarticle about yesterday with many photos:

-ALL AFRICA : The gay and lesbian community in Central and West Africacelebrated the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) with variousactivities. Initiated after the General Assembly of the World HealthOrganisation (WHO) removed homosexuality from their list of mental disorders18 years ago, IDAHO aims to fight for the recognition of equal rights forlesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. This boldaction, taken by WHO, does not seem to have translated in equal rights forLGBTI communities since LGBTI people continue to suffer prejudice anddiscrimination in the world, largely in Africa.

-I am delighted to direct you to the website of upcoming "CopenhagenOutgames 2009".
Please check this website: for more

Forwarded from Kenneth Sherrill - Ken's List
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-After six years in the making, Parvez Sharma's film, A Jihad for Love, willmake it's US Theatrical debut on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 in New York, whereit will be playing at the IFC Center for the next two weeks. Co-producedwith Sandi Dubowski (remember his remarkable Trembling Before G-d?), Parveztells the stories of lesbian and gay Muslims, unmediated by Western thoughtand influence. PLEASE go see it now! It is an essential film for all of uswho care to engage in the world and to know more ab out it from an LGBT perspective. For those of you not in New York, there is a screening schedule you can get to from the attached notice. Thank you Parvez and Sandi for your unrelenting dedication to telling our stories.

-Pa. Justices Hear Arguments Over 'Control' of Images in Child Porn Case
Pennsylvania's Supreme Court justices considered whether a person looking ata book in a library is analogous to a person downloading files from theInternet and whether, in either circumstance, the person is in "control" ofthe material. The comparison came during arguments in Commonwealth v.Diodoro, in which a Delaware County man is challenging his conviction ofsexual abuse of children by possession and control of child pornography. Thearguments were held in Harrisburg on Wednesday.

-The LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index is the most comprehensive nationalbenchmarking tool for colleges and universities to measure campus climateand to create safer, more welcoming environments for lesbian, gay, bisexualand transgender (LGBT) people. The American College Personnel Association(ACPA), the leading international association for college administrators,educators and senior officers, recently honored the LGBT-Friendly CampusClimate Index with the "Innovative Response to Social Justice" award throughthe Commission for Social Justice Educators.

-Critics Slam Boston Doctor Who Offers Sex Change Treatment to Kids
Boston's Children's Hospital bills itself as the hospital for children - andnow it's also the hospital for children who want a sex change, a proceduresome critics are calling "barbaric." Dr. Norman Spack, a pediatricspecialist at the hospital, has launched a clinic for transgendered kids -boys who feel like girls, girls who want to be boys - and he's opening hisdoors to patients as young as 7. Spack offers his younger patientscounseling and drugs that delay the onset of puberty. The drugs stop thenatural flood of hormones that would make it difficult to have a sexalteration later in life, allowing patients more time to decide whether theywant to make the change. Spack also offers some teenagers hormone therapy,a drastic step that changes the way they grow and develop. While the effectsof drug treatments can be stopped, long-term hormone therapy can beirreversible, causing permanent infertility in both sexes.

-Supreme Court, in Williams Case, ImplicatesAshcroft v. Free Speech Decision
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Supreme Court dropped a mini-bombshell today when itannounced that it was overturning the Eleventh Circuit's acquittal ofMichael Williams on charges of pandering child pornography under the PROTECTAct. But if there's one thing adult industry members should have learned bynow, it's that when it comes to sexually explicit material (among otherspeech concerns), Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is not to be trusted.
So when Justice Scalia claims that his decision little impacts (if it doesat all) Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, wise court watchers will takethat with a grain or two of salt. The 2002 Ashcroft case struck downportions of the Child Pornography Prevention Act which criminalized materialdepicting adults which "appears to be" or is "advertised, promoted,presented, described, or distributed in such a manner that conveys theimpression" of minors involved in the sexually explicit conduct.

Anything But Straight by Wayne Besen
'I Don't Exist': The Fall of Dr. Warren Throckmorton
A few years back, Warren Throckmorton, an erstwhile psychologist andfull-time blogger from a tiny Christian school, filmed a noxious "ex-gay"video, "I Do Exist." The documentary begins at New York's porn palaces on8th Avenue - with the seedy atmosphere shot deliberately to signify gaylife. Not long into the video, we were introduced to a nutty exorcist who isknown to extract demons from the anuses of gay men. In his typical slipperyway, the public relations conscious Throckmorton fails to identify the womanas an exorcist (as she was identified in two other movies, "One Nation UnderGod" and "Chasing the Devil," with apparently less truth challengedproducers")

Mark's List
Save The Date: St. Petersburg Pride 2008
St Pete Pride and Street Festival is billed as the largest Gay and LesbianPride celebration in Florida. Attendance at the June 2008 event is expectedto exceed 80,000 people. Last year's attendance topped 70,000. Thisspectacular event includes a Street Festival in St Pete's beautiful downtownthat has spectacular views of Tampa Bay and the world famous St PetersburgPier. Don't miss this incredible annual event.
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