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Adriane Reesey to Speak
Candidate for Broward County Elections Supervisor
South Florida International Press Club
Miami Shores Country Club
10000 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Shores
Wednesday, JUNE 4, 2008
An Expert Discusses Public Service
Our speaker: Dr. Adriane Reesey knows how the election process inFlorida works and is an expert on the criminal justice system. She iscurrently a candidate for Broward County Elections Supervisor. She holds aPh.D. in Business Administration, a Masters in Criminal Justice
Administration, and Bachelors and Associates degrees in Criminal Justice.
She is a United States Army Veteran.
RSVP to Ron Levitt 954-349-2596 / 305 775-2689 or Andy Alpers 305
596-4228 or
by E-mail to

Please click link below to view photos of The Dolphin Democrats 2008
Presidential Reception taken by Steven Shires 954-881-3117

Ft. Lauderdale: New Exhibition Explores Early History of Gay America
Stonewall Library & Archives' new exhibition "Out of the Shadows: GayAmerica from Kinsey to Stonewall" opens at the Broward Main Library onWednesday, June 4. The exhibition is Stonewall's latest examination of gayand lesbian history and it will be on view until June 28. Admission to theexhibition is free and open to the public.
The exhibition opening reception, free and open to the public, will takeplace Wednesday, June 4, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Broward Main Library,Gallery Six, in conjunction with ArtsUnited's United and Proud artexhibition.
On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots--an event commonlycited as the beginning of the gay rights movement-- the 22-panel exhibitionwill use period photographs, archival documents, and artifacts to look atwhat might be described as the pre-history of the gay and lesbian rightsmovement. Contact for the full article.
For further information about the exhibition, please contact:
Jack Rutland, Executive Director
Stonewall Library & Archives

Mark LaFontaine for Florida State House District #92
I'm excited about two developments that just occurred, and I wanted you toknow right away.
First, my campaign was endorsed by the Victory Fund! This is a majordevelopment, and underscores that we're on the right track. As you know,the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund is the nation's largest GLBT political actioncommittee and the only national organization dedicated to increasing thenumber of openly GLBT elected officials at all levels of government. Inendorsing my campaign, the Victory Fund cites my accounting background,which will appeal to voters concerned about Florida 's budget problems, andmy Coast Guard service, which underscores my commitment to Florida 's 1.8million veterans. Second, we've had a groundswell of support for my bid toqualify for the ballot by petition. We turned in 694 valid petitions by thedeadline, when only 615 were needed. You did it - THANKS! Because of you,we're on our way to making Florida history. Please help keep the momentumgoing by clicking HERE to contribute. Or learn more about me and my agendafor Florida by clicking HERE. Thank you for all your support!
PS: We've got a number of events coming up, and if you'd like to attendclick HERE or call 954-651-3147. Or if you can't attend but want to helpanyway click HERE to contribute.

From Paul Hyman - Executive Director
The GLCC Board of Directors is pleased to announce receipt of loancommitment from the prestigious banking institution, Northern Trust, tofinance the purchase of the property being referred to as "The Campus".
This remarkable property, located at 2040 North Dixie Highway in WiltonManors, Florida will be the new home for the GLCC (Gay and Lesbian CommunityCenter of South Florida) and is now scheduled to close on June 27, 2008.
Loan commitment and completion of thorough inspections by the GLCC mark theend of the "due diligence" period in the contract and sends a clear signalthe GLCC is proceeding to close on the purchase of this property. Thishistoric transaction and contract is being managed on behalf of the GLCC byattorney William Karney, of Moraitis, Cofar, Karney and Moraitis on apro-bono basis, as a service to our LGBT community. The GLCC recognizes andthanks the efforts of its Finance and Building Committee members,particularly Nicole Mannarino, GLCC Treasurer; Tyler Healis, GLCC BuildingCommittee Chair; and Dale Russell GLCC Board Member and our lead pro-bonorealtor on the project whose Century 21 Hansen Realty commission will bedonated to the GLCC. This project has required a tremendous amount of timeand effort on the part of a dedicated team, which will have a profound andpositive impact on our community for years to come. The seller and currentowner of the GLCC's future Wilton Manors home is operating a "federallymandated secured facility". The seller's security process prevents thepublic from visiting the property prior to closing, without prior approval.
Please respect the seller's need for security and do not trespass-- forproperty tour information please contact
Paul Hyman, GLCC Executive Director
954-463-9005 or
Gay & Lesbian Community Center
1717 N. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

The Florida Democratic Party 2008 Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, the party'sannual fundraising event, is scheduled for June 14, 2008 at The WestinDiplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida. Additional information onthe JJ can be found by clicking here. The FDP has just release updatedhotel information which can be found by clicking here.

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-Arena crowd in Sunrise cheers Obama's talk of unity
Capping a whirlwind 24 hours of fundraising and wooing key constituenciesacross vote-rich South Florida, Barack Obama on Friday pumped up an alreadyenthusiastic crowd at a massive rally with calls for change, some criticismof John McCain, and a promise to return.,0,2073344.story

-Broward County named NFL headquarters for 2010 Super Bowl
Broward County is hoping for its largest economic windfall ever from theSuper Bowl when it returns to South Florida in 2010, because for the firsttime, the NFL headquarters and media center are expected to be in FortLauderdale rather than Miami.,0,2258312.story

Miami Herald
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-REAL ESTATE: Home costs hit levels of 2004
Median home sale prices in South Florida fell to 2004 levels in April,tickling the interest of more buyers, who are -- finally -- starting tobite, real estate agents said.

-FLORIDA: High court in Crist's hands
Gov. Charlie Crist will get a remarkable chance to overhaul the stateSupreme Court, which in recent years has ruled on ballot recounts, privateschool vouchers and the fate of Terri Schiavo.

-Justice resigns, letting Crist overhaul court
In a decision that will allow Gov. Charlie Crist to remake the state'shighest court, state Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Bell announced Fridaythat he will step down in October and return to his home of Pensacola.

Palm Beach Post
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-Our view: New G.I. Bill
Bush should prove he 'supports the troops' by backing bill to hike higher-edbenefits
Mr. President, back the new G.I. Bill.
That should be the loud demand of every American after the Senate Thursdayoverwhelmingly approved a $165 billion funding bill for the Iraq andAfghanistan wars that includes a new G.I. Bill.

-Drilling off Florida's coast won't break oil addiction
"Start drilling." Put those oil rigs off the protected beaches of Floridaand in the preserved wilds of Alaska. In essence, that is what WashingtonPost columnist Robert J. Samuelson urged in his April 30 column.
Drilling, right away, in environmentally protected areas was a centerpieceof Mr. Samuelson's solution to rising gasoline prices. To oppose drilling inprotected areas, he said, is "sheer stupidity" and "prejudice against oilcompanies." That's the same thing the oil companies say. They cling to theirown long-term remedy that would expose Florida's beach-and-tourism-driveneconomy to ruination.

Fort Report
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-Religious Group Questions Fla. Judicial Ethics Code
Conservative advocacy group challenges rule requiring judges to recuse ifthey took position on an issue in campaign
Today, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear a case that testshow far states may go in telling judicial candidates how to deal with publicinterest group questionnaires they receive during campaigns.

Join the Fairness for All Families Coalition and Equality Florida atPride Festivals across the State!

North Florida Click HERE to sign up!
-Jacksonville First Coast Pride
Contact Alain Raymond for more information:
-St. Augustine Pride
September 27
St. Augustine Beach Ampitheater
-Gainesville Pridefest
October 18
Gainesville's Downtown Plaza

Panhandle of Florida Click HERE to sign up!
-Tallahassee Pridefest
June 14
11 am-6 pm - Downtown Park Avenue

West Central Florida Click HERE to sign up!
-St. Petersburg Pride
June 28
Downtown St. Petersburg (Central Avenue)

East-Central Florida Click HERE to sign up!
-Gay Days Orlando
June 3-5
-Ocala Pride
October 4-5
11am-5pm at the Hilton, Ocala

South Florida Click HERE to sign up!
-Key West Pridefest
Week June 7
(various events)
-Stonewall Street Festival
June 22
Wilton Drive

Alain Raymond
Field Organizer - North Florida
Fairness for All Families Campaign


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