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FLORIDA DIGEST March 11, 2008

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From Florida Red and Blue:
"The Marriage Protection Amendment is an unnecessary burden."
That's the headline in today's Miami Herald, accompanying an opedby Rep. Jim Davis, Florida Red and Blue's honorary statewide co-chair.
Former Rep. Davis, who was the Democratic Party's gubernatorial nominee in
2006, is among the most notable lawmakers to step out in opposition to theamendment. He writes:
"By creating only one type of recognized relationship, Amendment 2 couldtake away existing rights and benefits from many Floridians, gay orstraight. If it passes, unmarried Floridians in committed relationships --especially seniors who may remain unmarried by choice -- could lose theirability to share healthcare coverage. They could be barred from visitingeach other in emergency medical situations."
You can read Rep. Davis' oped HERE.

Ft. Lauderdale: Silent Protest at Mayor's Prayer Breakfast
"All people who live honestly about their sexual orientation or genderidentity are heroic, as it takes great strength and courage to face thedaily struggles for personal freedom in the face of enormous opposition; toutimately give their life for said freedom makes them...HEROES. "
The Gay American Heroes Foundation and Fight OUT Loud are organizing asilent protest at the Fort Lauderdale Mayor's Prayer Breakfast on Thursday,March13. Mayor Naugle has invited to be key-note speaker Jim Daly,President of Focus on the Family, a right-wing religious group who has ahistory of attacking the LGBT community. It seems the Mayor is againlooking to incite an atmosphere of hate and violence in Fort Lauderdale.
We are asking for other organizations and residents to come to the BrowardCounty Convention Center (1950 Eisenhower Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL) at6:30am to stand in solidarity against the hate speech being spewed by Naugleand his supporters.
We realize this is short notice, but are hoping for a strong, smallcontingent of LGBT people and allies to show up and picket.
We will have pictures of Simmie Williams and other hate crimes victims tohold, as well as signs with family oriented messages, like "Stop murderingour families", "Hate Speech = Violence", "Protect ALL Children", "Stop theHate", "Naugle's Words Incite Violence" etc... Feel free to make and bringyour own signs with these types of messages on them. Please no profanity.
We also ask that the protest stay EXTREMELY non-confrontational with theattendees. We have to come out taking the high road, much like the rallythis summer. That is why it will be a silent protest, just a presence tolet our view be known and not stoop to Naugle's tactics. We can no longerafford to be silent.
Feel free to contact me (gayamericanheroes@ yahoo.com) for more information,or simply come and show your support.

5th Annual Valuing Our Families Day of Learning and Fun
Saturday, March 29, 2008
at SunShine Cathedral (SunServe)
1480 SW 8th Ave - Fort Lauderdale
Workshops, Panels, Groups for the GLBT Community & Friends
A daylong event with registration beginning at 9:30am followed by aWorkshop session at 10:30am, box lunch at Noon, Workshop session at1pm, General session "Across the Generations" at 2:45pm, and theFamily Carnival & Picnic from 4 to 6pm.
Register at www.SunServe.org or call 954-764-5150.
We look forward to seeing you there!

has endorsed the following candidates in the
March 11, 2008 Municipal Elections
West Palm Beach
City Commission District 1 - Molly Douglas
City Commission District 5 - Bill Moss
Palm Beach Gardens
City Council Group 5 - Jody Barnett
The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Florida PAC produced anddistributed this paid political advertisement, which has been approved bythe endorsed candidates.
PBCHRC Florida PAC, PO Box 267, W. Palm Beach, FL 33401 - Dan Hall,Treasurer.

Fort Report
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State Democrats rush to plan revote
Florida Democratic Party officials hunkered down Monday with hopes ofdeciphering the complicated calculus involved in holding a privatelyfinanced, party-run mail-in election within the next 90 days.
Sources said party leaders expected to emerge with details of a plan thisweek, but some Democrats questioned whether the expensive revote would beworth the risk.
The Rev. Al Sharpton will visit Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach today ashe prepares a potential lawsuit to block Florida's primary results fromcounting in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.
We have been immersed for months in great debates about the economy, Iraqand health care. Now, with two outstanding Democratic candidates battlingdown to the wire for their party's presidential nomination, we face an issuefundamental in our democracy: the right to vote.
Get smarter, not tougher on juvenile offenders
Is Scripps money paying off?

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Voters go to the polls today to cast ballots in 19 municipal elections inPalm Beach County, including key races in Boca Raton and Wellington, andopposite ends of Broward County today for races in Pompano Beach andMiramar.
The elections are historic. They are the last scheduled use of electronictouch-screen voting machines.
Florida Democrats should focus on November and forget do-over votes
One idea floated by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson would have the Florida DemocraticParty raise donations to cover the expected cost, $6 million. Consideringthe party raised just $5 million last year, it sounds like a tall order.
Two Hollywood schools on lockdown as police seek drug store robbers
Scripps could be ready to move into new Jupiter home by June
Stocks Up Sharply After Fed Credit Plan


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