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FLORIDA DIGEST March 24, 2008

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-West Palm Beach gay activist killed by partner, police say
W. Palm authorities reveal identities,0,2781561.story

-Florida ranks last in pay for state employees
Workers unlikely to get raise for 2nd year in row,0,2642506.story

-National bloggers, local Democrats tear into Wasserman Schultz
The liberal blogosphere and some local Democrats are heaping criticism onone of their own.,0,5811175.story

-Education gets short end again
ISSUE: Plan would replace education funding with sales tax hike.
Property tax reform is necessary, but the plan recently proposed by the Taxand Budget Reform Commission has too many speculative and revenueshortcomings for voters to support.,0,3882112.story

Miami Herald
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-RETIREMENT: More than 1,200 Florida employees double dipping
Hundreds of state employees are getting more than one pension, according toa report.

- Freedom to Travel? More on the Audacity and Hypocrisy of Debbie WassermanSchultz
I had to laugh reading the news that Florida insurance regulators arezapping a major insurance firm because of the travel preferences of U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL-20).

Florida AIDS Walk 2008
AVER (American Veterans for Equal Rights)
On Sunday, April 27, we will participate in a 10-kilometer walkathon throughFort Lauderdale to address the AIDS crisis in our community. We'll be joinedby thousands of others who understand that we need to take action now tohalt the escalating spread of HIV/AIDS in south Florida. We hope we cancount on your support. We need caring people like you to sponsor our team'sparticipation in the walk.
Your gift to this worthy cause is fully tax-deductible.
Team Roster for AVER (American Veterans for Equal Rights)
David SharpJoin AVER (American Veterans for Equal Rights)
Kevin Kerber MARK LAFONTAINE Glenn Patterson
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