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New York Times
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-So Much Sex, but What's Fit to Print?
IT'S been quite a time for New York's tabloids: "Bad Girl," screamed The New York Post a week ago Friday,sporting a front-page photo of the prostitute who was the instrument of Gov. Eliot Spitzer's self-destruction. She wore nothing on top but her hands

-Questions for the Rev. John Hagee: Megaminister
As a prominent evangelical pastor based in San Antonio, you were recentlycatapulted into national controversy when you endorsed Senator John McCainfor president. Is it true that McCain actively sought your endorsement? It'strue that McCain's campaign sought my endorsement.

-To the Ramparts (Gently)
ONE March morning two years ago, a Pace University freshman named BrianKelly and a dozen or so friends piled into a few cars and drove to theuniversity's Westchester County campus in Pleasantville, to attend a speechby former President Bill Clinton.

-New Brand Offers List of Gay-Friendly Hotels
A new brand focusing on gay travel has announced a list of 27 gay andlesbian-friendly member hotels in 14 countries in Europe and the UnitedStates.

-The Supreme Court and Indecency
The Federal Communications Commission has used its new expletives policy toturn itself into a roving censorship board.

-The Republican Resurrection
For Republicans, the prospect of marathon Democratic trench warfare is anEaster miracle.

-Iraq, $5,000 Per Second?
The improvement in Iraq amounts to casualty rates that have decreased to theunacceptable levels of 2005, no exit plan for years and a bill accumulatingat almost $5,000 per second.

-Why Radical Islam Just Won't Die
Extremist movements have been growing bigger for more than three decadesnow, during which time America has tried almost everything from a policypoint of view.

-Gap in Life Expectancy Widens for the NationLife expectancy for the nation as a whole has increased, but the affluenthave made greater gains, researchers said.

Washington Post
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-He's Preaching to A Choir I've Left
I've known preachers like the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., former pastor toSen. Barack Obama. Like many of them, he no doubt sees his congregation asfull of victims, and thinks that his words will inspire them to rise out oftheir victimhood. I understand that.

-McCain's pastor a sharp contrast to Obama's
HOUSTON (Reuters) - John McCain's Phoenix pastor, Dan Yeary, is a folksypatriotic Southern Baptist who opposes abortion and believes homosexualityto be a biblical sin, but says Christians have an obligation to love suchsinners.

-Stalwart Service for U.S. in Iraq Is Not Enough to Gain Green Card
During his nearly four years as a translator for U.S. forces in Iraq, SamanKareem Ahmad was known for his bravery and hard work. "Sam put his life onthe line with, and for, Coalition Forces on a daily basis," wrote MarineCapt. Trent A. Gibson.

-U.S. Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes
Chilean Envoy to U.N. Recounts Threats of Retaliation in Run-Up to Invasion

-Iraq Detention Case Heads to High Court
Jailed American Citizens Say They Have Right to Access U.S. Legal System

-Women Join Demining Charge in South Sudan
MILE 38, Sudan - Seven months pregnant Opayi Mary stands half a meter awayfrom a mine made expressly to blow anything over 3 kg to pieces. For her,it's just part of a day's work.

-Behind the 'Modern' China
China can go for great stretches these days looking like the model of apostmodern, 21st-century power. Visitors to Shanghai see soaring skyscrapersand a booming economy. Conference-goers at Davos and other internationalconfabs see sophisticated Chinese diplomats talking about "win-win" insteadof "zero-sum." Western leaders meet their Chinese counterparts and seeearnest technocrats trying to avoid the many pitfalls on the path toeconomic modernization.

-Keep Talking
The discussion Barack Obama began about race should remain a part of thepresidential campaign.

-The Real Value Of Obama's Speech
In the days following Barack Obama's address on race last week inPhiladelphia, there was broad agreement among politicians and journaliststhat "A More Perfect Union," as he titled his speech, was the most importanthe has delivered since his keynote at the 2004 Democratic NationalConvention.

-Obama's Promise -- And Its Limits
Barack Obama's worldview is anchored in both his DNA and his experiences.
This is a historical optimist at work: He believes that people and nationscan change themselves, for the better -- and that they will be moved to doso even more by their differences than by their similarities.

--Obama's speech on race courageous By LEONARD PITTS JR.
For a people so obsessed with race, we are exceptionally bad at talkingabout it. Some of us fear talking about it, get nervous and fluttery and actas if this is a topic polite people should avoid. Some of us are unequippedto talk about it, too ignorant of the history that undergirds it, toowilling to bend that history toward ideological ends, too blithelydismissive of the fact that history matters, that past informs presentinforms future. Some of us lack the compassion to talk about it, prefer touse it only as a means of denigrating, diminishing and dismissing the Other.
Some of us are uncomfortable talking about it because it makes us feel whatwe'd rather not: anger, sorrow, defensiveness, guilt. And some of us --politicians in particular -- talk about race only to use it as a weapon,only as a means of hitting the other candidate.

Miami Herald
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-McCain sticks to climate-change stance
Sen. John McCain has made it clear that his platform will include combatingglobal warming, although the details are a bit vague.

-Bringing race to the forefront
WITH HIS speech Tuesday, Senator Barack Obama invited the nation to "gobeyond" race. But he didn't try to go "postracial," make us colorblind, or"transcend race" by stuffing our history under the mattress. Instead, Obamaconfronted us with the wretched residue of Jim Crow - and then asked us tomove on.

Fort Report
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-Democrat do-over drama in Michigan pleases GOP
McCain backers see the fighting as a path to the state
GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. - After days of wrangling over a primary election"do-over," Michigan Democrats are back where they started: nowhere.

-8 Questions That Will Shape Where the Race for the Democratic Presidential
Nominaton Goes From HereWhat is the most likely outcome of the dispute over the delegations fromFlorida and Michigan?


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