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New York Times
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-Fighting in Iraq Continues Amid Crackdown
The fighting threatened to destabilize a long-term truce that had helpedreduce violence in the five-year-old Iraq war.

-Day of Embarrassment for Hollywood in Court
A day of testimony in the wiretapping trial of the Hollywood private eyeAnthony Pellicano included industry names in the most embarrassing ofcontexts.

-Safeguarding Private Medical Data
There should be a federal law imposing strict privacy safeguards on allgovernment and private entities handling medical data.

-Climate Migration
This week I'm back in Dhaka, the world's undisputed rickshaw capital. Withmore than 300,000 of these brightly colored bicycle contraptions plying thecity's streets for trade, I rarely walk for more than a block before arickshaw driver (known as "rickshaw-wallah") pulls up next to me and urgesme to hop on board.

-Foreign Courts Wary of U.S. Punitive Damages
In the late summer of 1985, Kurt Parrott, a 15-year-old who loved baseballand Pac-Man, was thrown from his motorcycle in Opelika, Ala. The buckle ofhis helmet failed, and he died when his bare head hit the pavement. Mr.Parrott's mother sued the Italian company that made the helmet, and anAlabama court awarded her $1 million.

-Many Muslims Turn to Home Schooling
LODI, Calif. - Like dozens of other Pakistani-American girls here, HajraBibi stopped attending the local public school when she reached puberty, andbegan studying at home.

-John McCain Wants You
BEHIND any successful politician lies a usable contradiction, and JohnMcCain's is this: We love him (and occasionally hate him) for his stubbornindividualism, yet his politics are best understood as a decade-long attackon the individual.

-Clinton Seeks to Soften Impact of Misstatement
GREENSBURG, Pa. - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton tried Tuesday to put asoftening spin on her misstatement that she ran from sniper fire at anairport in Bosnia as first lady, saying the comment was a mistake that"proves I'm human."

-Clinton Criticizes Obama Over His Pastor
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ended her silence on Senator Barack Obama'spastor on Tuesday, sharply criticizing Mr. Obama for not leaving the Chicagochurch where the pastor made inflammatory remarks about the United States,spread conspiracy theories about the government and made sensationalcomments about Mrs. Clinton.

Washington Post
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-Hijabs at a Harvard Gym
It's a measure of America's multicultural journey over the past half-centurythat we've gone from "God and Man at Yale" to Allah and Woman at Harvard.

-McCain on the Red Phone
It is 3 a.m., and the stillness of the White House night is shattered by theringing of the red phone. President John McCain, rousing himself from a deepsleep, turns on the light and picks up the receiver. A U.S. embassy in aMiddle Eastern country, he is told, has been blown up, and al-Qaeda istaking credit.

-Hold the Hysteria (For Now)
Regarding the economy, it's hard not to notice this stark contrast: The"real economy" of spending, production and jobs -- though weakening -- ishardly in a state of collapse, but much of today's semi-hystericalcommentary suggests that it is. Financial markets for stocks and bonds aredescribed as being "in turmoil." People talk about a recession as if it werethe second coming of Genghis Khan. Some whisper the dreaded word"depression." Meanwhile, Americans are expected to buy about 15 millionvehicles in 2008; though down from 16.5 million in 2006, that's still a lot.

-Olympic Shame
China risks turning the Games into a showcase of repression.
AS CHINA'S COMMUNIST leadership conceived it, this year's Olympic Games wereto mark the country's debut as a global power, with a booming economy andrapidly modernizing society. Instead, it's beginning to look as though theGames could become a showcase for violent repression, censorship andpolitical persecution by a regime that has failed to rise above the level ofpolice state. Though they present themselves as worldly and reformist,President Hu Jintao and his leadership group seem unable to grasp how thepolicies they have pursued in recent months have undermined the honor ofstaging the Olympics and risk destroying China's international prestige.

-Justices Rebuff Bush and World Court
Powers Limited in Texas Death Case
The Supreme Court yesterday issued a broad ruling limiting presidentialpower and the reach of international treaties, saying neither President Bushnor the World Court has the authority to order a Texas court to reopen adeath penalty case involving a foreign national.

-Affirmative Action Foes Push Ballot Initiatives
Activists, With Eyes on November, Focus on Five States
CHICAGO -- Sixteen months after voters in Michigan voted to kill affirmativeaction in the public sphere, opponents of preferences based on race andgender are pushing five more states to ban the practice.

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-Bad night for Ramiele and other Idol hopefuls
Tuesday was not the night you would want to use to make the point that thisis one of the most talented groups of American Idol wannabes yet. There weretwo, maybe three outstanding performances out of 10, with the rest ordinaryat best.

-Obama Related to Pitt, Clinton to Jolie
BOSTON - This could make for one odd family reunion: Barack Obama is adistant cousin of Brad Pitt, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is related to Pitt'sgirlfriend, Angelina Jolie.,0,6443800.story

Miami Herald
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-A tax increase by another name
With Florida facing a serious revenue shortfall, state transportationleaders are dusting off plans for leasing Alligator Alley to a privatecompany -- and giving the firm the power to set tolls. This is a move bornof desperation. No doubt it seems an easy way for state lawmakers to createa politically painless new revenue stream. But the plan essentially amountsto a tax by other means, with tolls substituting for a tax increase.

-Obama overcame outsider feelings to fit in at elite private high school
HONOLULU -- In 1971, a 10-year-old boy named Barry Obama enrolled at theprivate Punahou School and entered an unfamiliar world of privilege where heinitially felt out of place. But he kept those feelings to himself andeventually prospered at the school.

Fort Report
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-Slouching Toward Denver
The Democratic death march.
When Democrats contemplate the apocalypse these days, they have visions ofBarack Obama and Hillary Clinton slugging it out à la Ted Kennedy and JimmyCarter at the 1980 convention. The campaign's current trajectory is, infact, alarmingly similar to the one that produced that disastrous affair.
Back then, Carter had built up a delegate lead with early wins in Iowa, NewHampshire, and several Southern states. But, as the primary season draggedon, Kennedy began pocketing big states and gaining momentum. Once all thevoting ended and Kennedy came up short, he eyed the New York convention as akind of Hail Mary.

As the Democratic nomination fight rages, many wonder if there's anyone withclout or influence -- from former Vice President Al Gore to DemocraticNational Committee chair Howard Dean -- who can put an end to the race.

-GOP state parties are in dire straits
At a time when the GOP presidential nominee will need more assistance thanever, a number of state Republican parties are struggling through troubledtimes, suffering from internal strife, poor fundraising, onerous debt,scandal or voting trends that are conspiring to relegate the local branchesof the party to near-irrelevance.

-Hillary's Flight of Fancy
Why wasn't the truth good enough for Hillary Rodham Clinton?;_ylt=AgVby27byL04VvOUoFEFekSs0NUE?

-Eugene Robinson: Voters need to look at Iraq
It's time for voters to put their attention back on Iraq
When U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit a round number, there's usually a weekor so of intense focus on the war - its bogus rationale, its nebulous aims,its awful consequences for the families of the dead.

-McCain warns against big-government aid amid housing, credit crisis
While Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama propose government help forhomeowners facing foreclosure, John McCain offered some small-governmenttough love yesterday in his first major speech on the economy afterreturning from a tour abroad.

-Obama needs voters to see Wright's quieter side
Early reactions to Sen. Barack Obama's Big Speech in Philadelphia about hispastor and spiritual adviser of 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.,sound like a mixed review. "It was a nice speech about race," theconventional wisdom goes, "but what about that nutty preacher?"

-Slated address by Obama's ex-pastor scratched
TAMPA - The first public appearance of Barack Obama's controversial pastorsince his inflammatory comments rocked the presidential campaign wasabruptly called off Tuesday.


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