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-French are right on Olympic stance
French have it right this time
Americans have had their gripes with the French in recent years, but let'sgive France some credit. They are doing the right thing in trying to applypressure on China to ease up on its crackdown in Tibet.,0,3349743.story

Miami Herald
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How senior is too senior?
It was probably not wise for the 64-year-old Brit Hume to describe the71-year-old John McCain as having a ''senior moment.'' A blip would havebeen better. Or a gaffe. Or even a dent in the candidate's ''experience''armor.

-Musicians getting in tune with Obama
Caribbean artists' tributes to Barack Obama are symbolic of the senator'sgrowing appeal beyond U.S. borders and the global excitement enveloping hiscandidacy -- even among those who can't vote.

New York Times
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-McCain Forecloses Early
I don't see how anybody could deny that John McCain is a straight-talker.
The country is terrified of economic collapse and he's been sounding likeMr. Potter, the banker in "It's a Wonderful Life." You can't get moreforthright than that.

-Endorsement of Obama Points Up Clinton's Obstacles
The surprise endorsement of Senator Barack Obama by a popular senator in abattleground state on Friday underlined the ferment in the Democraticnominating race and the serious obstacles facing Senator Hillary RodhamClinton as she tries to rescue her candidacy.

-Obama Communicates, Even Without Words
Senator Barack Obama didn't go on "The View" on Friday solely to talk aboutrace and the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. He also wanted to address thegender issue. And if the fluttery response of the show's five co-hosts isany harbinger, Mr. Obama will not have any trouble assuaging female votersif Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton drops out of the Democratic race for theWhite House.

-Surprise Backing From Senator Reflected Frustration and Desire for Healing
Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania left for his Easter vacation in Floridadetermined to remain neutral in the increasingly bitter battle for theDemocratic presidential nomination. But rain there kept him inside, and hebegan ruminating about the election and what was at stake.

Washington Post
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-In Pa., She's Got a Friend In Murtha
UNIONTOWN, Pa. -- They waited for three hours in a chilly gymnasium, morethan 2,000 people standing shoulder to shoulder on the hardwood floor, theirpatience waning through a cheerleading routine, a pep rally and four noisyspeeches from local politicians.

-Dollar Signs In Double Helixes
Firm Brings Genetic Testing to the Masses
For years, women have been able to go to the drugstore to answer a question:pregnant or not? Now science has taken testing a step further, and thosesame drugstore shelves are stocking kits to answer another, equally pressingquestion: daddy or not?


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