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GLBT DIGEST March 24, 2008

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New York Times
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-A Boy the Bullies Love to Beat Up, Repeatedly
The many incidents of bullying against Billy Wolfe seem to blur togetherinto one protracted assault.

-Questions for the Rev. John Hagee Megaminister
As a prominent evangelical pastor based in San Antonio, you were recentlycatapulted into national controversy when you endorsed Senator John McCainfor president. Is it true that McCain actively sought your endorsement? It'strue that McCain's campaign sought my endorsement.

Detroit News by Deb Price:
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-U.S. should oppose abuses of gays worldwide
After Korab Zuka founded a gay-rights group in Kosovo in 2005, he receivedthreatening phone calls and e-mails and had his car vandalized. " 'We aregoing to make you hold your intestines,' " Zuka, 22, recalls being warned. "
'We will (rape) your mother And we are going to cut your head off.'" Thepolice were indifferent to his cries for protection. "I was frightened. Agay guy had been beaten to death a few months earlier. The threats keptcoming. There is only so much a person can resist," he says.

Express Gay News
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-Gay bishop's mission to unite
It is fitting that Bishop Gene Robinson spent much of his Easter enduringthe wintry conditions of the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, performinghis ministry to small but loyal congregations. For although he is one of thefew bishops who could claim to be a household name across the world'sAnglican communion, he has been all but frozen out by the head of hischurch, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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-Down And Dirty In The Democratic Trenches
(Washington) Prominent supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obamaon Sunday both faulted Obama's campaign for allowing a retired general andbacker of the Illinois senator to equate comments by Clinton's husband -which appeared to question Obama's patriotism - to McCarthyism.

-Clinton Got Along With GOP In Senate But Would It Help If She BecamePresident?
(Washington) Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived in the Senate before she hadeven surrendered the title of first lady.

-Gay Playwright Kushner To Be Honored At Guthrie Theater
(Minneapolis, Minnesota) The Guthrie Theater is getting a lot more Kushnerinto its lineup next season.

Marriage Equality News
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-Officials from the American Civil Liberties Union, at a meeting Saturday atLakes Regional Library in south Fort Myers, urged Southwest Floridaresidents to spread the word of opposition to a constitutional amendmentthat will appear on November's ballot. The amendment would define marriageas a union between a man and a woman. ACLU officials are worried theballot's language will make it difficult for unmarried couples who sharebenefits, many of them seniors, to continue that. The issue is poised tocome up this summer and fall as two sides are defined - groups such as theACLU have joined with Florida Red and Blue opposing the amendment, is joined by church groups in support of yes votes.

- Elkader, Iowa: Why would two East Coast city slickers move to the remotevillage of Elkader, tucked among the sleepy hills of northeast Iowa?Thechallenges seemed glaring.Frederique Boudouani, 35, had never lived in ametro area of fewer than 2 million people. Elkader's population is 1,500.
Brian Bruening, 31, enjoys fine dining and writes poetry, but Elkader is atleast three hours from the cultural offerings of a major city.
They are also a gay couple in a rural area of a state brewing with agay-marriage controversy.

-Activists will hold another rally in support of the ACT's [AustralianCapital Territory] same sex civil unions legislation this weekend. TheCampaign for Civil Unions group will gather outside the Legislative Assemblyin Canberra on Saturday afternoon to show the ACT government their supportfor the bill.

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- Help others accept who they were born to be
Recent events have prompted this paper to give widespread coverage totransgender issues. Ralph De La Cruz has written two articles aboutWillie/Niki, a transgender teen. Mr. De La Cruz states in the article that"Some people will no doubt... think, 'Geez, that's one confused kid.' " Theonly confusion this young person faces is from the grown-ups commissioned toguide him into adulthood. In admiration for Willie's courage andself-confidence, Mr. De La Cruz wrote, "When I grow up, I want to be likeWillie." However, even Willie isn't Willie any longer. Willie will never bethe man he was born to be, instead, he will be a woman, Niki.,0,7324334.story


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